High School of Business—For Participating Schools

High School of Business Accounts

As a High School of Business™ (HSB) Teacher, you will use two primary accounts to access curriculum and classroom resources: the Learning Center and the HSB Wiki.

Access the HSB Handbook

Learning Center

The Learning Center (LC) is MBA Research’s curriculum management system where you will create your online courses and invite students to participate. To get started, follow the step-by-step instructions in this LC Instructions for HSB Teachers. Email questions to HelpMe@MBAResearch.org.

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HSB Wiki

The HSB Wiki is the place to share and grab ideas from fellow teachers in the program. You will also use it to submit your teaching schedule each year, and request credits for final exams. Instructions for wiki use is on the home page of the wiki. Email questions to HelpMe@MBAResearch.org.

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Requirements for Participating Schools

Because High School of Business is a national program with benefits such as college credit agreements and national recognition for students, there are program requirements with which HSB Schools must comply.

These compliance items are important tools to maintain the high standards and integrity of the program locally at your school, as well as at the national level. They allow us to provide your students with valuable program benefits, such as our national college credit agreements, and to give your students the national recognition that they’ve earned.

They further help us to work on your behalf to attract new national agreements and partnerships that benefit all HSB students. These compliance items also support our continuous improvement model and align with Perkins funding guidelines for states and local districts.

Checklist for Annual Program Requirements

To manage and improve your local program, as well as meet the national program requirements, use this Program Administration and Planning document to view an annual checklist and program reminders by month.

Attend Professional Development

Create your PD plan to attend all of the trainings for the courses you will teach.

Summer Training Institute:

  • HSB Pedagogy (Year 1)
  • Principles of Business (Year 1)
  • Leadership (optional 9th grade course – Year 1)
  • Principles of Marketing (Year 2)
  • Principles of Management/Business Strategies (Year 3)

Fall Training Institute:

  • Business Economics (Year 1)
  • Wealth Management (optional 9th grade course – Year 1)
  • Principles of Finance (Year 2)
  • HSB Refresher/Advanced PBL*
    *After completing all course trainings, continue to participate in ongoing PD offerings and attend the HSB Refresher Training once every five years.
Training Calendar
Plan Course Roll-Out and Sequencing
  • Coordinate with administrators to offer the full program, allowing students to complete the six required courses prior to graduation.
  • Coordinate with school counselors to find best-fit students and to ensure students take courses in their designated sequence.
Develop Your HSB Steering Team

Along with being a program requirement, your HSB Steering Team can assist with three other program requirements. Additionally, each course guide has a list of needs for the course. Use those course resource lists to encourage your steering team members to get involved in bringing business into the classroom.

  • Implementation Plan—guide you through assembling your team, preparing for the first meeting, and planning for the next few months.
  • Annual Self-Study and Improvement Survey—complete every spring
  • Observational Internship—rising seniors complete 20 hours
  • Provide at least one value-added recognition option for your HSB completers: honors celebration; graduation cords; local college credit agreement, etc.
  • Sign up here for the Steering Team newsletter
Administer Final Exams

Administer the proctored, final exam to your students for each course.

HSB Marketing Resources

  • Ambassadors—Help spread the word
  • Banners
    • National Site Banner – Participating schools receive this 5′ x 3′ weatherproof vinyl banner with 3 grommets on the top and bottom. Participating schools can also purchase additional banners of any size by sending this PDF to the banner vendor of their choice.
    • Retractable Banner – MBA Research uses a 3.25′ x 7′ retractable fabric version of this banner for promotional purposes. Participating schools can send this PDF to order their own from the banner vendor of their choice.
  • Brochures:
  • Handbook—can be copied and distributed as appropriate