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One of the most direct ways we connect business with education is through our business speaker initiatives. We are always looking for new speakers and presentations for our national annual conference, MBA Research Conclave: A Curriculum & Teaching Conference; our featured Program of Study, High School of Business; and our video resource library.

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If you want to inspire and speak directly to the teachers of tomorrow’s business professionals, and sometimes to the students themselves, please consider sharing your knowledge and passion through this important aspect of our business engagement efforts.

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Whether you’re an entrepreneur or a seasoned executive (or both!), we can guide you in the topics that are most needed now or review your proposal on a current business trend.

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Maybe you’re more of a behind-the-scenes type of person, but you have a friend or colleague who has a great presentation. Please share our Request for Proposal Form with them.

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Find out more about opportunities to speak to teachers or students by contacting MBA Research now.