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Current Workforce Data Shows a Bright Future for Your Business and Marketing Students

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Quick Facts To Prove Your Program’s Value

  • High Demand for Business Jobs: A projected 34% of all available jobs in 2029 will be in management, business, finance, marketing, sales, and office/administrative support.
  • High Growth, High Wage: Seven of the top ten fastest-growing, high-wage jobs are in business, marketing, finance, and sales.
  • Declines in Lower-skilled Jobs Don’t Tell the Whole Story: While many business administration jobs are growing, those that utilize lower-level skills will see declines. However, there will still be large numbers of jobs available in these entry-level positions, such as secretaries, administrative assistants, data-entry keyers, and office clerks. For example, in 2026, it is projected that 2.37 million administrative assistants will be needed.

Resources To Learn More

We know data matters when it comes to funding, supporting, and helping people understand the value of your program. Do your own research to learn more. Share your findings with parents, administrators, students, counselors, teachers, and other stakeholders at your school. (maybe insert a data template for them or link to Perkins)

National Data

National Data

Tip: Jobs that align with the career clusters of Business Management & Administration, Finance, and Marketing are found in the following categories in the BLS data:

State-Level Data

State-Level Data