For Teachers & Local Administrators

We offer educators a vast library of resources for teaching their business classes, ranging from teaching materials and course exams to conferences and business engagement opportunities. These resources include:

  • Teaching resources
  • Professional development
  • Assessment tools
  • Student organization support
  • Business engagement
  • The High School of Business™ program
Resources for Educators

For State Administrators

Because of our close connections to statewide education departments, MBA Research is able to offer a variety of resources and benefits to member states. Visit our administrator section below for information about joining, as well as about our offerings, including educational standards, workforce data, certifications, professional development and classroom resources.

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For Business Professionals

One of the key methods by which we are able to offer up-to-date business education tools is maintaining relationships with knowledgeable members of the business community. Through these partnerships, we enhance the expertise we lend to educators and offer the opportunity for their students to gain real-world experience. We always welcome new professionals who want to get involved for the benefit of students and educators.

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About MBA Research

Organized as a consortium of 25-plus state education departments and other educational organizations, MBA Research has been working to help educators prepare students for careers in business for more than 50 years.

Our extensive experience and close connections with the business community allow us to offer unparalleled expertise, giving teachers the ability to deliver the best education possible and students the opportunity to succeed in the business field.

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