A*S*K Certifications

Institute for the Assessment of the Skills and Knowledge of Business (A*S*K)

Through the business-sponsored A*S*K Institute, we offer independent proof of learning for and about business, marketing, management, and entrepreneurship.

What Makes Certification Worthwhile?

A*S*K certification is a critical tool for serious students of business who wish to document their understanding of key business skills, their willingness to be accountable for their learning, and their interest in positioning for employment and promotion. A*S*K certification includes the appropriate documentation for individuals who earn the accreditation.

Maximizing Student Achievement

A*S*K certification exams are based solely on industry-validated standards and performance indicators independent of courses, grade levels, or other educational considerations. Certifications are comprehensive, challenging, and highly focused on real-world business expectations. When used as end-of-program assessments, curriculum alignment is critical to help ensure maximum student success. Exam “blueprints” are available.

Any local school that follows stringent testing protocol may be an approved testing site; an independent proctor is required. The online exams are available from both MBA Research and NOCTI.

For additional information, visit www.ASKInstitute.org. You can also view a short, informative video about A*S*K exam certification.