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High School of Business Needs You

Our premier program, High School of Business™, is a complete three-year pathway for secondary students who are planning to study business in college and/or pursue a career in business. Courses are accelerated and project-focused, resulting in students prepared to problem-solve, collaborate, and communicate in companies and organizations like yours.

Requirements for Educators

In addition to the rigor of the program for students, teachers must complete a minimum of seven course trainings, including HSB Pedagogy, where they learn the key aspects of teaching the courses using project-based learning. Among other requirements to keep the program strong, the school stakeholders must form and maintain an active HSB Steering Team made up of teachers, administrators, counselors, local post-secondary teachers, and local business leaders.

Serve on an HSB Steering Team

Each local school’s HSB Steering Team benefits from leaders like you. Because the curriculum is project-based, the students are tasked with going out into the community to complete their projects, and they need local connections to make these projects real. With every course and every project, there is opportunity for business professionals to get involved. Whether it’s visiting a classroom to hear and critique student presentations, or helping a teacher put together a marketing plan to get the word out about the program, serving on an HSB Steering Team is gratifying work.

Speak to an HSB Class

Share your knowledge and experiences with students locally or nationally as a classroom speaker. You can do this simply by volunteering to be a speaker in a classroom, in-person or virtually. We can help you identify the topic(s) that tie to curriculum and projects. The virtual option is especially important to some of our rural schools, where few local businesses mean that students are not exposed to as many opportunities as they need. One way to bridge this gap is to bring the business to them.

Find an HSB School in Your State

Whether you’d like to lend a hand on an HSB Steering Team or inspire students with your unique story, we can connect you with an HSB School in your state. Check out the list of HSB Sites and let us know how you’d like to get involved.

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