States Working Together To Support Students

A Nonprofit on a Mission

MBA Research and Curriculum Center is dedicated to supporting educators in the preparation of students for business careers. All of our resources and services are developed to help meet your needs as state leaders with the ultimate goal of creating exemplary business administration programs that are aligned to industry needs.

We can help:

  • Design a comprehensive, Perkins-ready business administration program of study
  • Provide standards-based curricula
  • Offer certification exams
  • Deliver research-based instruction relative to industry needs
  • Provide teacher professional development
  • Engage students with project-based learning
  • Network with education leaders across the country
  • Share research and resources with educators in your state.

The MBA Research and Curriculum Center has been an outstanding partner with North Carolina! The connections between course guides, lessons, and resources to authentic business and industry validation provides our students with real skills for business and management. The Learning Center has been an invaluable tool for our teachers and students as it provides a virtual platform that works seamlessly with a hybrid or fully virtual instruction model. MBA Research helps North Carolina deliver the best quality business administration instruction to our students so they are prepared to be leaders in the industry!

- Trey Michael, Director for CTE and Career Pathways Education, North Carolina Department of Public Instruction