Middle School Ethics Education

Middle school materials for teaching principle-based ethics and ethical decision-making are available at no cost through the generous support of the Daniels Fund.

Coming July 2022

10 FREE Instructional Modules About Ethics

Our middle level ethics education modules are comprehensive, ready-to-use lesson plans that integrate social-emotional learning geared for middle school students and cover the nature of ethics, how to respond to ethical dilemmas, and eight ethical principles.

Educators may choose to use these lesson modules individually or together as a coordinated instructional series. The modules are ideal for classroom use, but they are also appropriate for alternative settings, such as in homeroom, advisory periods, or student organizations. We specifically designed these lesson modules to be easily integrated into any course.

Check out what’s in each module below!

Student Narrative
Key Terms
Web Resources
Ethical Dilemma
Journal Prompt
Bell Ringer
Discussion Questions
Formative Assessment
Knowledge Showcase

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Lesson Module Topics

“These are great lessons for school counselors to utilize for classroom lessons, but the sequencing of the modules [is] easy for any teacher to incorporate into classrooms to meet social emotion learning standards. Ethics education is crucial at the middle school level, and in today’s society, this could not come soon enough.”

- Middle level educator