Project Management

Project Management Tools, Techniques, and Templates

Thanks to a grant from the Project Management Institute Educational Foundation (PMIEF), you have access to free resources to help you and your students use project management techniques to bring structure to constructive chaos.

You can access these project management templates, processes, and instructions by completing a short survey.

Within the zipped folder, you’ll receive the following resources:

  • Framework Process Documents
  • Templates with Guided Questions
  • Glossary of Terms
  • Tips and Links to Impact Stories and Videos
  • Learning Activity Packages (LAPs)
    • LAP-OP-001 – Chart Your Course (Developing a Project Plan)
    • LAP-OP-003 – Get What You Need (Identifying Project Resources)
    • LAP-OP-158 – Projected To Win (Nature of Project Management)
    • LAP-OP-519 – Plan on It! (Planning Projects)
    • LAP-OP-520 – Check Your (Project) Pulse (Monitoring Projects and Taking Corrective Actions)
    • LAP-OP-521 – Making the Grade (Evaluating Project Success)

Project Management Trainers

As part of the PMIEF grant, 56 teachers attended a two-day extensive training session and will use the training resources to reach other educators in their state. For more information, contact Tammy Cyrus, VP of Professional Learning.