Industry-Validated Curriculum Standards

MBA Research’s Standards Are Focused on Workforce Development

Curriculum standards are the starting point for developing courses within a program of study. They serve as the basis for programs of study in Business Management, Marketing, Finance, Hospitality and Tourism Management, and Entrepreneurship. The national standards have been developed through a formal process using input from business professionals that result in an industry-validated set of learning standards that are current, relevant, and aligned to what business says is important for success in the workplace. These standards are provided free and have been adopted throughout the country and are used around the world.

Standards Development in Your State

No matter where you are in the standards development and revision process, MBA Research has the resources and tools to help. Through focus groups, association coalitions, custom crosswalks to your state standards, and consistent surveying via our national network of business professionals, we have extensive experience supporting state leaders in the standards development and revision process.

Custom Crosswalks to Your State Standards

MBA Research works with your state leadership and a dedicated teacher team (optional) to crosswalk nationally validated standards to your state standards and provide you with a detailed gap analysis. With our custom crosswalks you’ll be one step closer to providing students with up-to-date, industry-validated curriculum standards. And because the national standards are regularly validated and revised through our ongoing primary and secondary research, you can be assured of staying on top of the rapid changes in state and national workforce needs.

To discuss custom crosswalks, contact Holly Atha

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Hosting Focus Groups in Your State

MBA Research convenes two types of focus groups for standards development and validation needs within states: Futuring Panels and Validation Panels.

These panels are an opportunity to dig deep into your local workforce needs, trends, and initiatives by hearing directly from local business and industry leaders. Following the multi-day panels, a comprehensive report with analysis and recommendations is delivered.

View Past Focus Group Reports by State.

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Host focus groups in your state to inform state and national education initiatives

The above services are available to all; however, Member States receive a 30% discount on all work provided. We look forward to working with you!