End-of-Program Exams

Assessing Student Learning Outcomes

MBA Research offers online exams that are recommended for documenting student learning outcomes over an entire multi-course program of study. We offer comparable forms of each exam as (formative) pretests and as (summative) posttests at any time.

Exam Details

Each exam is 100% aligned with the National Business Administration Standards and 100% aligned with the corresponding program-of-study to ensure fully curriculum-aligned assessment.

Click on the following links to obtain detailed information about end-of-program exam specifications and testing processes.

Performance Data

We review statistical data for each end-of-program exam annually to determine the effectiveness of the overall exam and individual items within the exam. See below to review performance data for the end-of-program exams.

Performance Data

Technical Manual

Read the manual to learn more about our end-of-program exams, including how the exams were developed, how they are administered, how teachers access students’ testing results, and much more.

Technical Manual

End-of-Program Exam Basics

  • Exams are 100-item, multiple choice, and available online (only).
  • The exams are administered by the local school test-site administrator (teacher).
  • Exams may be administered anytime – 24/7.
  • Students may be tested as a group, in several groups, or individually.
  • Exam results are available immediately after the exams are submitted.
  • A two-week lead time is required to allow time for set-up and administrative details.

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