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High School of Business™ brings college-inspired business administration courses to high schools nationwide. An accelerated series of courses challenges students with hands-on marketing, management, finance, economics, and entrepreneurship.


20+ Gold-Standard PBL projects get students excited about class. Every learning outcomes lives within a project, so there’s always an obvious reason for learning.

Students work in teams, connect with local business leaders, create authentic solutions, and present their findings and suggestions to an outside audience. For teachers, receiving pre-built and tested projects saves significant preparation time and eliminates the risk of trying something new.

Did you know it takes 20+ hours to create just one project? Schools offering High School of Business receive 20 of them!


Students move through learning outcomes quickly, with those in junior and senior year reaching Grade 14 level. The program is challenging as well as engaging.

College Credit Opportunities

9.5 college credits are earned on average by students completing the program. Because learning outcomes reach Grade 14 and courses are inspired by college courses, most participating schools have local credit agreements with nearby college and/or universities. In addition, articulated national credit agreements are available. MBA Research supports participating schools with documentation to ease the local credit agreement process.


Data and anecdotal evidence communicate that High School of Business is working. The success is amplified when state leaders like you support participating schools. States leaders have supported High School of Business teachers and students in these ways:

  • Lead efforts to put statewide college credit agreements in place
  • Organize semi-annual teacher training and collaboration sessions
  • Offset program costs with grants or other funding
  • Host an Open House at a participating school for others to learn from
  • Obtain state-level approvals for each course

High School of Business is a quality comprehensive Business Administration program that seamlessly connects secondary and postsecondary Business education. It prepares our students with high level business skills and knowledge for success in college and industry.

- Dana Anderson, Program Director Business and Marketing, Colorado CTE

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