Comprehensive Lesson Modules

Enhance Your Instruction With Learning Activity Packages

A Learning Activity Package (LAP) is a comprehensive, ready-to-use lesson plan designed to help make your preparation easy, fast, and relevant.

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LAP-EI-123 Rules to Live By (Nature of Ethics) is one of our introductory ethics lesson modules. This file includes a cover sheet with tips and suggestions for use, as well as both the Student Handout and Instructor Guide (42pg).

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LAP-EI-124 What’s the Situation? (Reasons for Ethical Dilemmas) is another one of our introductory ethics lesson modules. This file includes an instructional cover sheet and the Student Handout (12pg).

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How LAP Modules Work

Designed for Business Administration teachers, LAP modules support and provide instruction for an industry-validated performance indicator. They focus on developing leadership skills and a positive, career-oriented attitude, as well as both technical and academic performance.

How To Access LAPs

Two ways to access our LAPs:

  1. Learning Center: interactive, digital curriculum management system; includes PowerPoints. Our Learning Center includes all current LAP modules, plus assessments, preloaded courses, classroom management tools, and more.
  2. Digital Download (PDF): delivered digitally; includes PowerPoints.
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What’s Included in a LAP

Each LAP module is ready to use—no special preparation required and no lesson plans to write! We provide you with all necessary materials, including:

  • Informative, engaging student narrative
  • Learning goals to guide student focus
  • Individual and group activities
  • Ready-to-use assessments
  • Customizable discussion guides
  • Editable PowerPoint presentations
  • Videos and links to extend instruction
  • Ethical case studies

Advantages of Using LAPs

LAP modules empower students to develop leadership, enhance career knowledge, and build relevant skillsets that have real impact on their futures. LAP modules will help you:

  • Save time with complete, ready-to-use lessons that include everything you need.
  • Teach what matters using content that is based on what business leaders say is most significant—and that is tested/reviewed by real teachers and instructors.
  • Ensure quality, aligned curriculum that relates directly to competencies.
  • Engage students with relevant examples, interactive activities, and up-to-date links.
  • Prepare students for the future with the rigorous and relevant knowledge and skill sets they need that will provide value for college and career.
  • Improve test scores by going deeper into each subject than traditional textbooks, which improves content mastery.
  • Become the expert on any topic you have to teach with clear, informative explanations.
  • Connect directly to work-based learning.
  • Gear up for competitive events using role-play scenarios and assessments similar to those students encounter in competitions.
  • Differentiate and customize instruction with individual and group activities, traditional classroom pedagogy, project-based learning, and flipped instruction.

LAP Module Topics

Choose from a library of hundreds of LAP modules covering topics in marketing, management, finance, and business administration.

List of Available Learning Modules

CopyIt! (Free)

Our unique CopyIT! release allows you to make additional copies for use in your school building, of any or all portions of any LAP module purchased.

Using LAPs for Differentiated Instruction

Each LAP allows for differentiation and varying student learning styles, and supports traditional classroom pedagogy, project-based learning, and flipped instruction.

Each LAP features:

  • Two individual and two group activities
    • First individual and group activities: Relatively short, focused on basic concepts introduced in the LAP.
    • Second individual and group activities: More complex, require more time and critical-thinking skills.
    • Activities can be assigned to different students according to their learning styles and abilities.
  • Glossary
    • Teachers, especially those with English Language Learners, tell us the glossary is helpful for differentiated instruction.
    • These teachers typically share the glossary with their students early in their work on the LAP so that students can refer to the glossary when they run across unfamiliar words in the core narrative.
  • Core narrative, discussion guide, and PowerPoint presentation
    • Our instructional modules accommodate a variety of learning types.
    • Verbal/Linguistic learners comprehend the material best when they read the core narrative.
    • Auditory learners understand the material best when the teacher uses the discussion guide to present content.
    • Visual learners appreciate viewing the PowerPoint presentation.
    • Kinesthetic learners learn best when they are actively involved in a hands-on individual or group activity.

The activities are engaging for students and give a great variety for teachers to use depending how in depth you want to go into the subject and how you need to differentiate.

- Teresa Brooks, Southington High School, CT

Teach Ethics and Ethical Decision-Making

LAPs and other materials for teaching ethics and ethical decision-making are available through the generous support of the Daniels Fund Ethics Initiative High School Program.

Calling All Educators:

Would you be willing to try out a LAP (lesson module) before it is published? Field testers provide valuable from-the-classroom feedback on every LAP module before it is finalized. This short video explains the process. Field testers receive a free copy of the finalized LAP upon release. To sign up, complete this survey.