About Us

About MBA Research and Curriculum Center

MBA Research and Curriculum Center is dedicated to supporting educators in the preparation of students for careers in the areas of business management, finance, marketing, hospitality and tourism management, and entrepreneurship. Established in 1971, we are a not-for-profit operated and governed by a consortium of state education departments.

Created for Your State. Your Schools. Your Students.

Teachers are experts at helping each student learn and become their best self. We are experts in researching, writing, testing, and developing the resources they need. To that end, MBA Research supports a systems approach to the teaching of business that includes:

  • Listening to the business community to understand what changes are occurring that impact business skills
  • Building industry-validated and research-based national content standards for the clusters of Business Management, Finance, and Marketing utilizing a Business Administration framework
  • Curriculum design to identify learning outcomes to help students prepare for real-world careers in business
  • Professional development focused on improving teacher effectiveness in the classroom
  • Instructional support to help both students and teachers with learning tools that focus specifically on developing key understandings and skills
  • Valid and reliable assessments that document proof-of-learning via industry-sponsored certifications, digital badges, and other recognitions

The result? Smart, forward-thinking, ethical, and innovative business students with the knowledge and skills for thriving careers that propel U.S. businesses.

Mission and Goals

Mission: To support educators in the preparation of students for careers in business and marketing.

Vision: MBA Research shall be the recognized leader in the development of programs, strategies, and curricula to prepare students for career-oriented, leadership positions in business and marketing.

Standards Research
Standards Research

Develop industry-validated curriculum standards by engaging the business community and documenting input, trends, activities, strategies, and factors critical to preparing learners for success in business careers.


Develop assessment tools to document student learning for instructional improvement and accountability.

Professional Development
Professional Development

Develop tools and processes to support sustained and focused programs to improve teaching strategies for the delivery of integrated academic and career-technical curriculum.

Instructional Support
Instructional Support

Develop and disseminate curricula and instructional materials focusing on critical business functions and professional behaviors.

Delivery Strategies
Delivery Strategies

Support various instructional and learning strategies, including school-based, work-based, and CTSO-based activities.


Advocate and support local, state, and national education and workforce initiatives that develop business skills, ethical leadership, and work-ready skills that prepare learners for business careers.


Maintain an effective, efficient, equitable, fiscally responsible, and service-oriented organization.

MBA Research Core Values

Our Staff is Our Number One Resource  

We prioritize our most valuable resource by providing personal and professional development opportunities and cultivating a healthy work-life balance.


We value transparency and authentic dialogue fostered in a supportive environment.


We build strong relationships, take ownership of our responsibilities, and direct all efforts toward the success of the whole.


We welcome diverse perspectives, listen for understanding, and treat each other fairly and professionally, even in times of conflict.


We make decisions according to a strong sense of ethics and moral principles, even when it’s not easy or popular.


We strive for the highest quality in everything we do, encouraging innovation and engaging with topical issues that affect our mission.