For Consortium Representatives

Resources and Support for Consortium Representatives

Thank you for serving as your state’s representative to the MBA Research consortium. We are here to support you as we work together to build high-quality business, marketing, and finance programs.

Professional Learning

Support for Teachers in Your State

Tips to help you help classroom teachers.

Using LAP Modules

Using LAP Modules

Introduce newer teachers to these ready-to-use lesson plans, each focused on a single performance indicator.

More experienced LAP users can learn new tips and best practices for utilizing the student narrative, activities, assessments, discussion guides, video links, and many other features.

State's Connection

State’s Connection: a For-Members-Only Portal of Resources for Teachers in Your State

Overview video

Establishing High School of Business Programs

Establishing High School of Business Programs

Staff is available to assist you in growing and supporting a community of High School of Business™ teachers in your state. This is a great opportunity to form a peer learning network.

Online & Interactive: the Learning Center

Online & Interactive: the Learning Center

All LAPs and many other resources are available inside the Learning Center. Schools that subscribe receive five teacher accounts that can be shared across the school building or college campus. Student accounts may also be purchased.

As a state leader, you may want to consider purchasing subscriptions in bulk. (States that have Enhanced Memberships receive these automatically.) For information, contact

Dedicated, highly-trained staff assist teachers with using the Learning Center. Direct current subscribers who need assistance to

Certification Exams

Certification Exams

A*S*K Certification exams provide proof-of-learning for students. Each exam is comprised of test items that measure knowledge of business-validated learning standards.

Preparing to test: pre-tests and practice tests

We can help by supporting your efforts to have A*S*K Certifications added to your state’s list of approved certifications.

Developing a Program of Study

Developing a Program of Study

Consider two routes: starting with a ready-made program of study, or working with staff experts to create one for your state.

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Contact Information To Share With Teachers

Contact Information To Share With Teachers

Customer service:, or 614-486-6708

Learning Center-specific customer service:

Information about all resources is available in the For Local Educators section of the website.

Support for You

  • Connecting with your peers in the consortium
  • Monday Morning Update email from the CEO/President. Each Monday, consortium representatives receive a weekly briefing on upcoming events, news, and education information. Once a month, this email includes a section for you to copy into your email communications with teachers in your state. An archive of MMUs is kept in your State’s Connection portal.
  • Meetings and events
  • State’s Connection portal
    • Teachers in your state can access just-for-members resources. You may customize your state’s portal with state-specific resources for them as well.
  • Benefits of membership, organized by membership level
  • Calendar of MBA Research meetings, professional development, and events
  • Governance structure

Staff Support

Contact Holly Atha, President/CEO, with questions.

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Supporting High School and Post-Secondary Business Administration and Marketing Educators

MBA Research & Curriculum Center is a not-for-profit consortium. State departments of education pool their resources to efficiently develop business-based national standards and resources for business and marketing educators. This approach means that everything we develop is done for you based on direction received from you. The result is products, services, and support all available at a much lower price than could otherwise be offered.

Current Resources

Our Resources Are Always Current, So You Can Be, Too.

Ongoing, extensive research with business leaders nationwide results in learning standards and resources focused on the knowledge and skills students need in career and college.

Want To Give Our Resources a Try?

We’d suggest starting with one of our lesson modules (LAPs). These ready-to-use lesson plans are each based on a single performance indicator. Every LAP includes student narrative, activities, assessments, discussion guides, video links, and more. Select a LAP from our library of hundreds, or choose from over 70 available for free through our work with the Daniels Fund High School Ethics Initiative.

We’re Here To Help!

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