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A Wealth of Resources for Teachers in Your State

As a member of the MBA Research Consortium, educators in your state have access to resources created with your input that are possible because of pooled resources across states.

Benefits Overview Membership ROI

All educators in each state that is a member of the consortium receives, at minimum, the following benefits:
  • Members-only portal of resources for teachers in your state.
  • Discounted pricing (30% off) most resources for all schools in your state
  • Crosswalk of your state’s standards to the national standards
  • MBA Curriculum Builder, a web-based database that allows easy and fast manipulation of the National Business Administration Standards
  • Course Guides for use in course planning and design
  • Detailed rubrics and scenarios to support a number of courses
  • Action Briefs that summarize current trends in the business community and include classroom connection suggestions
  • Primary focus group research with business professionals in your state, including recruitment and moderation (available at discount or no cost depending on membership level)
  • Business engagement tools and activities to encourage local involvement
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