Getting Started

Hands-On Business Education Curriculum

Empower students with an engaging, hands-on environment using research-backed and classroom-tested courses.

A Proven 21st Century Learning Experience for Your School

High School of Business™ (HSB) is a dynamic, project-based learning experience supported by a devoted network of teachers, students, administrators, local college partners, local business professionals, state education departments, and curriculum and PD experts. Whether your school is urban or rural, public or private, large, medium, or small, High School of Business engages and challenges students with accelerated, hands-on business projects.

1. Explore the Program

2. Plan for Your Program

    • Determine your program of study. Will you offer only the required courses, or add on optionals?
    • Estimate expenses (see Handbook, Appendix C) and understand training requirements.
    • Identify key stakeholders. A Primary Contact is the main point of contact between MBA Research and the school district; a Primary Administrator (usually a Principal, Assistant Principal, or CTE Director) champions the program at the administration level. Participating teachers should be eager to facilitate the project-based learning of accelerated business concepts.
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3. Apply To Become a High School of Business Site

    • Request and complete an application by contacting Laurie Urich, Program Director.
    • Schedule an online meeting. MBA Research will reach out to the Primary Contact to schedule this a one-hour meeting with your school’s stakeholders.

4. Build Your Program

During this process, teachers will participate in professional development, a local steering team will form to implement and guide continuous program improvement, and communications will inform students, parents/guardians, and community members of this exciting new opportunity at your school. You’ll have access to our team throughout the entire process to provide you with guidance and answer any of your questions.

Learn More Today

For more information on how to bring High School of Business to your school, contact MBA Research.