Business Administration Standards

Giving Students What They Need To Succeed!

MBA Research National Business Administration Standards are the starting point for students’ academic and career success.


Our Standards Are The Basis Of Everything We Do

Standards are broadly-based knowledge and skill statements that identify what students should know and be able to do as a result of instruction.

We focus our research, curriculum and instructional materials design, and assessment activities on four business-related clusters:

  Business Management
  Hospitality and Tourism Management

Our research efforts incorporate both primary and secondary research based on business sources rather than educational sources. Business-based research provides a mechanism for the identification of current, actual skills and knowledge needed by employees in the workplace.

Benefits of Our Standards:

They set the stage for program quality, guide course development, instructional materials selection, student organization participation, and assessment. MBA Research provides free standards and performance indicators for use in high schools and community colleges nationwide.

Our Standards Help Teachers:

  • Focus on real-world skills and concepts so that students have the “right stuff” they need to succeed
  • Identify skills and knowledge needed across all business careers as well as those specific to a particular business career
  • Incorporate 21st Century Skills into their classrooms
  • Prepare students for competitive events
  • Stay on top of emerging trends in the business world

Our Research Process

Because of our engagement and research with business professionals and organizations throughout the country, these standards are unique in education.

Our continuous research process utilizes focus groups, interviews, business association standards, surveys, and certification criteria. This research and development process is what allows us to deliver standards that provide current information on the skill sets being used in the workforce today.

Get To Know Our Standards

Looking for a high-level overview? Standards Executive Summary (1 pg)

Interested in a deeper dive into the research? Standards Introduction (5 pg)

Looking for an extensive report on our foundations? Standards Full Guide (21 pg)

Want to learn our terminology? Standards Glossary (1 pg)

Start With the Business Administration Core

Start With the Business Administration Core

Through our research, we have learned the importance of equipping students with the skills and knowledge needed for any career in business. The standards within the Business Administration Core apply to all career clusters in business. Our standards are organized on the premise of starting broad and narrowing in specificity as the student progresses in their program of study. This ensures that students enter the workforce, college, or a career with an understanding of these core concepts.

Advance to the Career Cluster Standards

Advance to the Career Cluster Standards

Our national research for our standards development is focused on four career clusters: Business Management, Finance, Marketing, and Hospitality & Tourism Management. Access all of our career cluster standards below.

Our Approach to Entrepreneurship

Our Approach to Entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurship research is integrated across all career clusters in our standards. Learn more about our approach to entrepreneurship within our standards below.

See Our Standards in Action

Still want to know how our standards relate to what students are learning in the classroom? Below are some of the instructional materials our team develops based on the industry-validated National Business Administration Standards.

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