Authentic Performance-Based Assessment

Many of our multiple-choice test items are based on real-life scenarios and require higher-level thinking to reach a correct answer.

Gauging Students’ Business Potential

Although not truly performance-based tests, these items do attempt to measure the student’s ability to analyze information and reach appropriate conclusions. Since most of the skill set for success in business consists of cognitive skills, well-written objective exams can be particularly useful in evaluating learning and preparation for real-life work skills.

Assessment Tools

True performance-based assessments, in realistic settings, with real-life scenarios, are the gold standard for learning assessments. Unfortunately, they are challenging to design and to implement. That’s why we offer multiple tools to support local efforts to move assessment closer to real life:

  • LAP Modules: Many LAP modules that are focused on skills include scenarios and rating forms that lend themselves to performance-based assessment.
  • Standards-based projects: We have project ideas and project management tools designed to support real-world project-based learning.
  • Rubrics and scenarios: Each of our in-depth, research-based rubrics includes three sample scenarios for use in the classroom, CTSOs, and work-based experiences. Rubrics include detailed behavioral anchors, making them useful for both assessment and instructional purposes. Use to assess capstone activities, for competitive event preparation, in student career portfolios, and more. Rubrics are available free to all teachers in member states (via State’s Connection) and to all others via our online store.

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