Ready for the Future — No Matter What

High School of Business(HSB) alumni share their stories and experiences in this project-based program, and how it helped them prepare for their future—in college, career, and beyond.

Kirin Hardinger
Intern, Presidio Medical; Teaching Fellow, University of Nevada Reno
Chloe Locke
Intern, Lunar & Planetary Institute and NASA
Avery Weiler Anderson
CEO/Online Health & Fitness Coach, FreelyFit Coaching
Hayden Glaubius
Owner/Operator, Auntie Anne's Franchise
Maria Pangalos
Co-Founder, Ambrosia Enterprises
Lynn Rader
Sourcer, Pontoon Solutions
Blaise Tayese
Neuroscience student, Ohio State University
Sadie Hansen
HR Specialist Recruiter, Montana Department of Transportation
Ashley Childre
HR Generalist, Utah Valley Pediatrics