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Marketing & Business Administration Research and Curriculum Center
(MBA Research)

1375 King Avenue
PO Box 12279
Columbus, OH 43212

Phone: 614-486-6708
Fax: 614-486-1819

Hours: 9am–5pm EST

Name Position Email Phone
Holly Atha President/CEO 614-486-6708
Rick Mangini Executive Vice President 614-486-6708 ext. 224
Tammy Cyrus Vice President, Professional Learning 614-486-6708 ext. 401
Stephanie King Director, Business Engagement 614-486-6708 ext. 221
Zulfa Rizqiya Program Administrator, High School of Business™ 614-486-6708 ext. 206
Laurie Urich Program Director, High School of Business™ 614-486-6708 ext. 402
Mary Carlisi Production Manager 614-486-6708 ext. 204
Rachel Tennison Marketing Lead | Writer/Research Associate 614-486-6708 ext. 217
April Miller Vice President, Teaching and Learning 614-486-6708 ext. 218
Brian Pyles Board of Trustees Chair

Customer Service

The goal of the Customer Service department is to provide courteous, prompt and efficient service to our current and potential customers. Our normal business hours are Monday-Friday, 9am–4pm EST.

Name Position Email Phone
Marsha Dyer Customer Service Manager 614-486-6708 ext. 220
Ann-Marie Martin IT/Technical Support 614-486-6708 ext. 210
Phil Loaiza IT Director 614-486-6708 ext. 403
Customer Service Customer Service 614-486-6708

A*S*K Business Institute

For more information, see the A*S*K website.

Name Position Email Phone
A*S*K Business Institute Customer Service 614-486-6708

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