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High School of Business™ is everything your school needs for a project-based, rigorous business program of study.

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A Unique System for Delivering Business Education

With all content organized into projects, students are doing business every day. Teachers and schools are supported with fresh, rigorous curriculum, instructional materials, aligned assessments, teacher-led training, and ongoing support.

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Schools that offer the HSB program are allowing their students to dive into a field of study early. The best part is that the focus changes one semester to the next. By doing this, students can see what they really enjoy doing day in, day out and what careers are fitting. 

- Hayden Glaubius, Central High School, Class of 2017

Program Benefits

Core Program Components
  • Project-based Learning
  • Rigorous, accelerated content
  • Annually updated course guides, projects, and more
  • Hundreds of online modules aligned to course content
  • Online third-party assessments and pre-tests
  • Digital Badges
  • Positioned for CLEP and A*S*K examinations
  • National and local college-credit agreements

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Benefits to Students, School, & Community
  • Confidently implement, promote, and maintain a quality program
  • Address national education standards
  • Teach the skills students need to succeed
  • Engage students in real-world projects
  • Give assessments that are fully aligned to course content
  • Gain support and collaboration of local business leaders
  • Network with successful business educators nationwide
  • Establish strong college-credit agreements
  • Help students save time and money with college credit options
  • Attract college-bound students and increase enrollment
  • Give graduates the confidence to excel in college courses
  • Receive promotional benefits of MBA Research’s social media channels and industry newsletters
Professional Assistance & Support
  • Live assistance and technical support via phone or email
  • National Peer Network of Teachers
  • Local steering team component
  • Marketing tools to implement & administer program
  • Professional development opportunities
Prepared for Success
  • 77% earn college credit
  • 9 credits (average) via local credit agreements
  • Credits available through national partnerships
Post-Program Outcomes
  • 92% enrolled in college within six months of graduation
    Source: National Student Clearinghouse. (US average is 69%)
  • 88% college persistence rate (Defined as students enrolled in post-secondary for two consecutive fall terms.)

Current Site List

List of schools across the country who are currently in the High School of Business program.



El Segundo High School


Aurora/Gateway High School
Aurora/Rangeview High School
Elizabeth High School
Grand Junction High School
GED6/Greeley West High School
GED6/University High School
Lake County High School
Longmont High School
Monarch High School
Mountain Range High School
NE BOCES/Holyoke High School
NE BOCES/Idalia High School
NE BOCES/Merino High School
NE BOCES/Peetz School
Odyssey Early College and Career Pathways
Platte Valley High School
Rock Canyon High School
SD27J/Prairie View High School
SD27J/Riverdale Ridge High School
Strasburg High School
Warren Tech North


Stamford High School

District of Columbia

Girls Global Academy


Riviera Preparatory School


Kuna High School
Mountain View High School


Saydel High School
Waverly-Shell Rock High School


Arvin Education Center
Eastern High School
Whitley County High School


Barnstable High School


Camdenton High School
Nevada Regional Technical Center
Ritenour High School
St. Joseph/Benton High School
St. Joseph/Central High School
St. Joseph/Lafayette High School


Fremont High School
Omaha Benson High School


Academy of Arts, Careers, and Technology
CCSD/Green Valley High School
CCSD/Legacy High School
CCSD/West Career & Technical Academy

New Jersey

Cumberland Regional High School


Austintown Fitch High School
Benedictine High School
Columbus Grove High School
Withrow University High School


Goose Creek Memorial High School


Beloit Memorial High School
Middleton High School
Oconomowoc High School
West Bend East and West High School

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