Certifications & Testing

Standards-Aligned Certifications and Exams

We offer a full menu of assessments for business, marketing, finance, and ethics, including:

  • Assessing Skills and Knowledge (A*S*K) certificate exams
  • End-of-Program assessments
  • End-of-course assessment
  • Specific instructional area assessments
  • All assessments provide a digital micro-credential (badges) for students who meet a passing score. Additionally, we have developed a series of rubrics for performance-based assessments.

The A*S*K Exams provide proof of learning in Kentucky. A*S*K Exams are aligned to many Kentucky Career Pathways. Students completing a Career Pathway as well as successfully passing an academic benchmark along with a technical benchmark are considered Career Ready. The A*S*K Exams are recognized as valid industry certifications for the technical benchmark. MBA Research works closely with business and industry partners to develop curriculum and assessment.

Furthermore, post-secondary partners are beginning to recognize the value of the exams. Students in Kentucky can earn articulated credit upon successful completion of the Career Pathway as well as the aligned A*S*K exam. This has raised the bar in Kentucky. Students are much more prepared entering the workforce right away. Completion of a Career Pathway and A*S*K proof of learning provides our students with the right kind of tools to move forward in either entry level positions in various industries or continue their education to post-secondary.

- Betty Montgomery, Program Leader, Business/Marketing, Kentucky Department of Education