Consortium Membership Is a Healthy ROI for States

Why Join the MBA Research Consortium?

MBA Research is an association (consortium) of state education departments. Membership is statewide and provides benefits to all Career-Tech (CTE) educators in member states. Individual school or teacher memberships are not available.

Membership Benefits, 2023-24

Statewide member benefits serve all schools in a given state and include research, service, and resources for both the state and individual schools, as outlined below.

There are three levels of membership available to states: Basic, Full, and Enhanced. Annual membership contributions are based on the membership level and the state’s total population. Full and Enhanced level benefits include all benefits at Basic level plus additional benefits as listed for each level.

Many benefits are accessed via the State’s Connection Resource Portal and require individual users to establish an online account with password. Registration for the site is here and the State’s Connection portal is located at

Basic Membership

  • State’s Connection: Customized state portal with no-cost resources for all teachers/schools. All teachers have password-protected direct access to all materials, which includes instructional support resources and a variety of classroom activities. State program leaders can add other relevant resources. State’s Connection includes:

    • Action Briefs. Short summaries of trends and issues recognized by the business community. Most are derived from “futuring” panel focus groups with senior executives. Each includes a brief call to action in terms of implications for educators and implications for the business community. Published 6−10 times annually.
    • Course Guides. Course Guides offer a comprehensive solution for each of the courses recommended in a Program of Study. Each guide includes specific tools and recommendations for the instructor, including a detailed list of learning expectations. NOTE: Guides are not instructional materials, but are intended for course planning and design. Each guide includes sample test items that can be used to build exams. Guides are revised and updated regularly, and not less than once each five years.
    • Conclave Speaker Materials. Collection of handouts, PowerPoint slide decks, and other collateral materials from the current and prior years’ presenters.
    • Ethics Case Studies. Collection of “Gray Zone” mini-cases catalogued by instructional area, with two or three new cases added each month. Each is real-world oriented and relevant to either day-to-day work challenges or to more strategic, management-oriented decision-making. Cases are intended to stimulate conversation and to engage students in thoughtful analysis. Although a discussion guide is provided, there is seldom a “correct” answer.
    • Instructional Modules (LAPs). Comprehensive, ready-to-use lesson modules that support our industry-validated performance indicators.
    • MBA Research Curriculum Builder. Web-based database that allows easy and fast manipulation of the National Business Administration Standards. The system supports a variety of queries that can be used to build state standards or to develop courses or programs of study based on the national standards. The database allows teachers to access activities, resources, sample test items, rubrics and scenarios, and other resources to support quality curriculum design. NOTE: Multiple course models and specialized lists (e.g., for competitive event preparation) can be accessed via MBA Research Curriculum Builder. 
    • Project Management Tools. Tools and templates for initiating, planning, executing, monitoring and controlling, and closing a project. Two versions are available: one for teachers and students with little or no knowledge of project management, and a second designed for teachers and students with more experience in managing projects of all sizes.
    • Projects to Support PBL. Challenging, authentic projects that provide meaningful project-based learning experiences within the framework of the National Business Administration Standards.
    • Rubrics and Scenarios. Detailed rubrics and scenarios that can be used in a number of different classes. They also offer a great tool for helping students prepare for competitive events in all three relevant student organizations.
    • Vetted WWW Bookmarks. As our researchers and writers search the web, they frequently find sites of particular interest that can add real value to the local classroom. We bookmark these sites and post them in State’s Connection. All teachers in member states are then just a click away from some of the best that the web has to offer.
  • State Dashboard: This portal is contained in State’s Connection but is only accessible by the official state consortium representative. It contains aggregate state teacher and student usage data as well as other relevant information and resources specific to the consortium.
  • Professional Networking: The appointed state consortium representative becomes part of a network of CTE state level administrators to gain a national perspective on business and marketing education. Additionally, the state rep provides input to the MBA Research Board of Trustees on state needs relative to business administration education.
  • Member Discounts: All schools in member states receive significant price discounts on most products and services. With minor exceptions, discounts are 30%.
  • MBA Research Learning Center (30% discount): Annual subscription-based access to the MBA Learning Center, a comprehensive curriculum management system compatible with most LMS used in schools. Subscription is by building and includes access for up to 5 teachers. (Non-member: $995.00)
  • High School of Business™ (20% discount) on annual affiliation fee for an unlimited number of school sites. (Member: $2,000. Non-member: $2,500)
  • Annual Webinar Package: A webinar series (up to 3 per year) for states focusing on helping local teachers get maximum value from your MBA Research state membership. (Non-member: $1,000)  
  • Policy/Governance: All member states are entitled to a voting representative (state liaison) who is appointed by the state’s CTE Director. Voting representatives are eligible to serve on the Board of Trustees after serving the required time as the official state liaison. Each member state’s official liaison is invited and expected to participate in an annual meeting(s) typically held in conjunction with the MBA Research Conclave. The meeting is a mix of Consortium business and professional development for state-level leadership. Travel is fully underwritten for each member state’s official representative (state liaison) to participate in the annual meeting. Reimbursement of expenses is per Board policy and subject to revision at any time.
  • Monday Morning Update (MMU): Our MMU is designed to keep all member-state program leaders in the loop. In short, we share what we know that may be relevant to all aspects of your business/marketing programs. MMU is designed for state program leaders and is not appropriate for local teachers and administrators. 
  • MBA Research Newsletter (Perspectives): This email-based newsletter is targeted at local business and marketing teachers. Issued ad hoc (approximately 40 per year), we provide a mix of news and professional development, along with ready-to-use activities such as selected ethics case studies and other relevant current events materials.
  • Teacher Advisory Network (TAN): Put two of your teachers on the MBA Research team. Our national teacher advisory network is designed to help ensure that we are meeting teacher needs with substantive, realistic, doable products and services. Each TAN member receives free access to MBA Research curriculum and instructional tools and 100% registration fee waiver for Conclave. NOTE: The second TAN member must be primarily focused on a different business career area and alternate CTSO than the first participant. For continuing membership, each TAN member must remain actively engaged throughout their three-year appointment. We’ll cover 50% of the authorized travel expenses to Conclave, up to $500, for your Network members in good standing. 
  • State Standards Crosswalk (1): We’ll work with you and a teacher team (optional) to crosswalk nationally validated standards with your state standards and provide a detailed gap analysis to document differences. (Intended for a course or program of study based on existing state structure.) (Non-member: $1,000 each)
  • Executive Level “Futuring” Panel/Business Focus Groups (50% discount): Our R&D team will work with you to identify, recruit, and empanel one or more on-site “futuring” panels made up of senior-level executives in your state. Agenda includes discussion of industry trends/issues, skill sets, credentials, work-based learning, career-ready skills, emerging occupations, and more depending on state needs. Staff will facilitate the focus group and provide a post-meeting report suitable for sharing with senior department management. (Non-member: $15,000 per cluster/panel)
  • Virtual Business “Futuring” Panel/Business Focus Groups (50% discount): This streamlined virtual “futuring” panel includes a trends discussion and provides you with a detailed state report. You do the recruiting and MBA Research facilitates. Must be scheduled well in advance and depends on MBA Research staff availability. (Non-member: $7,500 per cluster/panel).
  • State Level Business Coalition (50% discount First Year): Our Industry Liaison staff will work directly with you to connect with associations and organizations throughout your state and work with them to engage their members in supporting and advocating activities statewide. We’ll work with you to identify one or more teachers to act as a liaison to specific associations and provide appropriate collateral materials and continuing communications to encourage active engagement of the association and its membership. 50% discount per year for continuing support after year 1. (Non-member: Year 1−$10,000. Year 2−$5,000)
  • Customized State Projects: Opportunity to work with MBA Research to design and develop state level curriculum initiatives or other projects to meet state priorities. Fee negotiable.

Full Membership

The upgraded “Level 2 Full Membership” includes all of the benefits of the “Level 1 Basic Membership” described above, plus additional benefits described below:

  • Custom State Workshop: (1) per year at no cost. We’ll work with you (and come to you) with a custom-designed workshop. Workshops can be half day or full day. We’ll provide the trainer and workshop materials, and we’ll cover travel costs depending on anticipated participation (25 minimum attendees). This benefit can also be applied to have us come on-site to your state conference and present individual conference sessions (minimum of 2 sessions). This benefit is based on MBA Research staff availability, so it is highly recommended that you schedule well in advance of your conference dates.
  • State Standards Crosswalk: Two sets per year at no cost. 50% discount for additional sets. 
  • School-Based Enterprise (SBE) Resources: Activities and projects fully aligned with the National Business Administration Standards to integrate SBEs with core business administration curricula and various cluster content for entrepreneurship, finance, management, and marketing. 
  • Work-Based Learning (WBL) Resources: Activities and projects fully aligned with the National Business Administration Standards to strengthen student internship and other work-based experiences and to connect work experiences with in-school curricula. Oriented to the business administration core, but with significant implications for most work-based experiences.
  • Executive-Level “Futuring” Panel/Business Focus Groups (80% discount): See details in Level 1 Basic Membership
  • Virtual Executive-Level Futuring Panel/Business Focus Group: One per year (No charge). See details in Level 1 Basic Membership. 
  • State Level Business Coalition (80% discount First Year): See details in Level 1 Basic Membership. 
  • Additional Participant for Annual Consortium Meeting (limited reimbursement up to 50%): Nominate one additional state-level representative to participate in the annual meeting and to receive full or partial travel reimbursement. The additional person must have statewide program leadership responsibilities in one of the four relevant Career Clusters and be nominated by the state’s CTE Director. Travel reimbursement may include: least-cost airfare, conference hotel (3 nights), per diem, and incidentals per MBA Research travel policy.

Enhanced Membership

The upgraded “Level 3 Enhanced Membership” includes all of the benefits of the “Level 1 Basic Membership” and “Level 2 Full Membership” as listed above, plus additional benefits described below:

  • MBA Learning Center (Teacher): Full teacher access to the MBA Learning Center at no cost. Subscription is by building and provides licenses for up to 5 teachers per building. This is a statewide benefit and licenses per building are not limited to business administration faculty. Teachers may access any titles that best meet their schools’ needs. Schools may add student access as appropriate at current pricing, including the standard 30% discount.
  • High School of Business (30% discount) on annual affiliation fee for an unlimited number of school sites. 
  • State Standards Crosswalk: Three sets per year at no cost. 50% discount for additional sets.
  • Executive-Level “Futuring” Panel/Business Focus Groups: Up to three focus groups over a three year period (e.g., one panel per year for three years or three panels once every three years). Virtual option also available.
  • Business Coalition: Year 1 and 2: No consulting fee. See discussion in Basic Membership. Includes MBA Research staff travel to facilitate on-site meetings.

Membership Requirements

Membership in the MBA Research Consortium is based on population of the state, per formula. Structure and Fees:

Membership Eligibility

Membership is open to any agency or organization that regularly administers or provides active and substantive support to programs addressing instruction in economics, entrepreneurship, business management, and marketing (e.g., school system, college, professional association or state education department).

Requirements of Membership

  • Majority of constituency are actively involved with education for and about economics, marketing, management, or entrepreneurship at pre-baccalaureate level
  • Identification of an official representative to the Consortium
  • Active participation in the annual meeting and governance process
  • Development of an annual plan for active support of Consortium program of work
  • Payment of membership dues established by the Board of Directors

Membership Fees

Membership in the MBA Research Consortium is based on population of the state, per formula. “Full” and “Enhanced” state memberships offer additional benefits. For more information on membership fees, expectations, and benefits, please contact Holly Atha, President/CEO:

The MBA Research and Curriculum Center has been an outstanding partner with North Carolina! The connections between course guides, lessons, and resources to authentic business and industry validation provides our students with real skills for business and management. The Learning Center has been an invaluable tool for our teachers and students as it provides a virtual platform that works seamlessly with a hybrid or fully virtual instruction model. MBA Research helps North Carolina deliver the best quality business administration instruction to our students so they are prepared to be leaders in the industry!

- Trey Michael, Director for CTE and Career Pathways Education, North Carolina Department of Public Instruction

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