Free Course Guides for Business, Marketing, Finance, & More

Course guides are comprehensive roadmaps that provide a variety of educational materials, including performance indicators, ethical case studies, and activities for each course. Each course guide has a recommended sequence and numerous resources for additional learning.

For a limited time, all course guides are available free of charge, thanks to the generosity of the Daniels Fund.

Course Guides

Accounting, Principles
Business & Marketing Essentials
Career Exploration for Middle-Level Students
Community College / Postsecondary Ethical Leadership
Digital Marketing
Entrepreneurship, Advanced
Entrepreneurship, Principles
Ethical Leadership
Ethical Leadership for Middle-Level Students
Finance, Introduction
Financial Analysis for Managers
Financial Management
Management, Introduction
Marketing Applications, Advanced
Marketing Principles
Personal Finance
Sport/Event Marketing, Advanced
Sport/Event Marketing, Introduction

Each Course Guides Includes:

  • Course description
  • Information on the individual course’s fit within one or more programs-of-study
  • Recommended performance indicators for the specific course
  • Recommended sequence for the course
  • Instructional objectives that specify desired learning outcomes
  • Recommendations regarding LAP modules
  • Crosswalk to major textbooks, as appropriate to the course
  • Additional resources, including links to relevant articles and videos
  • Projects for selected sections of the course
  • Activities to reinforce or explore key content
  • Ethical cases for students
  • Briefings for selected, particularly challenging, performance indicators, including teacher-directed information and student handouts
  • Multiple-choice exams

All course guides are 100% aligned with the National Business Administration Curriculum Standards validated by industry across the nation. They provide a model that can be used as is or modified to meet your classroom’s specific needs.

Limited Time: All Course Guides Are Available Free of Charge

Thanks to a grant from the Daniels Fund, all course guides can be accessed at no cost. Be sure to use the instructions to obtain a coupon code prior to adding guides to your shopping cart.

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Course guides have provided new and veteran Wisconsin marketing/business educators with the strategic roadmap to be successful in their classroom. Some educators have used the full course guide to expand their program offerings, whereas other educators have strategically implemented the course guide’s project-based activities.

- Tim Fandek, WI state program leader

Additional resources are available as part of the Daniels Fund Ethics Initiative High School Program.

Grant funding supports the development of hundreds of resources for educators to use to teach students about ethics and ethical decision-making. Find lesson modules, videos, and courses, along with information on how to integrate them into existing courses.

*These resources have been underwritten by the Daniels Fund. Surveys completed by teachers are used to measure the impact and reach of the grant.

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