Integrate Ethics into Your Classroom

Materials for teaching principle-based ethics and ethical decision-making are available at no cost through the generous support of the Daniels Fund.

To fully integrate our many ethics education resources (as well as over 300 additional lesson modules) into your curriculum, use the online MBA Research Learning Center—the one-stop shop for all your instructional needs.

Middle School Ethics Education Resources

Now Available!

We’re proud to introduce our new middle school ethics education resources, made possible thanks to the generous support of the Daniels Fund Ethics Initiative Middle School Program.

Free Lesson Module

Wondering what a ready-to-use lesson module (LAP) looks like?

LAP-EI-123: Complete LAP

LAP-EI-123 Rules to Live By (Nature of Ethics) is one of our introductory ethics lesson modules. This file includes a cover sheet with tips and suggestions for use, as well as both the Student Handout and Instructor Guide (42pg).

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LAP-EI-124: Student Handout

LAP-EI-124 What’s the Situation? (Reasons for Ethical Dilemmas) is another one of our introductory ethics lesson modules. This file includes an instructional cover sheet and the Student Handout (12pg).

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Ethical Leadership Course Package

As Career-Tech programs increasingly reach into the middle schools, this ninth grade leadership course provides a significant opportunity for business and marketing programs to expand their presence in the earlier grades. We believe the course will encourage students to learn more about business and, ultimately, to enroll in upper division courses as outlined in our program-of-study kits.

You can access the free course in three different ways:

  1. Downloadable PDFs and Word documents
  2. Downloadable LMS-compatible files
  3. Online via Ethics Online portal (NEW!)
    • The Ethics Online system is structured similar to our MBA Learning Center, with engaging, interactive lessons and activities for students—at no charge!
  • Course guide (both the 1- and 2-semester options included)
  • 58 LAP modules focused on ethics and ethical leadership hand-picked for use in the Ethical Leadership course
  • Plus 20 additional LAP modules highlighting ethics in business
  • Optional: Add a free online end-of-course assessment with digital badging capabilities.

Ethical Leadership Course Package

Ethics Integration Specialists

Thanks to the generous support of the Daniels Fund, we’ve trained an exceptional group of Ethics Integration Specialists whose mission is to help us integrate ethics in classrooms across the country. Our Ethics Integration Specialists share their knowledge of ethics with other educators in their state via presentations at professional conferences, webinars, local district professional development events, etc.

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Gray Zone Interactive Series

We are proud to introduce a new series of video-based interactive activities for students and teachers. Each activity, or episode, has been adapted from The Gray Zone prompts within our lesson modules (LAPs) and Learning Center Course Guides. Each episode begins with an ethical dilemma, then uses “choose your own adventure” style gameplay to give students the opportunity to work through the dilemmas themselves. Additional discussion questions are included with each episode.

Enter the Gray Zone

Video Series

The Ethical Principles Video Series is based on the principles found in The Daniels Fund Ethics Initiative. Each video takes a deep dive into an ethical principle, giving students an understanding of what the principle means, its supporting traits, how it plays out in real-world examples, and how students can use it in their own lives.

Ethical Principles Video Series

  • Focus on student engagement
    • Fair-use news clips to break up content delivery
    • Open-ended ethical dilemma where students get to reflect and make their own choice
    • Exploration of how students can use the ethical principle in their own lives
  • Focus on expanding understanding of the ethical principle
    • Quote that relates the ethical principle to the real world
    • Multiple scenarios, both fictional and non-fictional, that allow students to see how the ethical principle applies to the real world
    • Examples of both ethical and unethical behavior, with comparisons drawn between the two and discussion of how these choices lead to different outcomes
  • Focus on classroom application
    • Inter-disciplinary connections to ELA and recent history
    • Multiple possibilities for teachers to turn the video into classroom discussions or homework (Past and Present, Make it Matter, Going Forward)
    • Discussion guide questions included in the description of each video


Professionals open up about ethical dilemmas they have encountered in this video series available on our YouTube Channel.

Ethical Dilemmas in the Workplace Video Series

Ethics Certification

We have two ethics certifications available:

Both are available for free, thanks to the generous support of the Daniels Fund Ethics Initiative. To request either exam, send teacher name, email, school, and school address to

Ethics Books & Movies List

This is a list of recommended resources to help teach students about ethical decision-making. Developed with recommendations for use, content summaries, corresponding ethical principles, and select guides for instructor education, the annotated list is a foundational component of ethical education that makes learning both informative and engaging.

Ethics Books & Movies with How-To Guide

Ethics Boot Camp

Ethics Boot Camp consists of 10 hours of ethics activities for students that can be used in a variety of settings, complete with suggestions for use. It is designed to be engaging and fun for students, while still introducing them to principles-based ethics, ethical decision-making, recognizing ethical dilemmas, and the specific ethical principles laid out by the Daniels Fund Ethics Initiative.

Ethics Boot Camp with How-To Guide

Ethics Service-Learning Project

The Ethics Service-Learning Project gives students an opportunity to strengthen their ethical leadership skills while affecting a positive change in the school and/or community. Students will work with their classmates to identify, plan, implement, and evaluate a service-learning project that engages with and provides ethics training to a select audience, such as elementary or middle school students, local businesses and organizations, and/or other community members.

Ethics Service-Learning Project

Community College / Postsecondary Resources

The Community College/Postsecondary Ethical Leadership package includes 30 complete LAPs and PowerPoints hand-picked for use in the course, as well as a 3-credit course guide exposing community college/postsecondary students to key ethical knowledge, skills, and principles, including integrity, trust, accountability, transparency, fairness, respect, rule of law, and viability.

You can access the free course in three different ways:

  1. Downloadable PDFs and Word documents
  2. Downloadable LMS-compatible files
  3. Online via Ethics Online portal (NEW!)
    • The Ethics Online system is structured similar to our MBA Learning Center, with engaging, interactive lessons and activities for students—at no charge!
Community College/Postsecondary Ethical Leadership

An Ethical Dilemma

How would you answer?

Stella, a salesperson at an electronics store, is helping a customer who needs a new cell phone and contract. After she explains all the options, the customer says they need something a bit cheaper and more flexible than what Stella’s business can offer. Stella knows that a competing business can give the customer what they’re looking for. What should Stella do?

You can either choose Option A, B or C


You choose Option A

You decided that Stella should tell the customer about the competing business. This might not be a choice the store’s management prefers, but it’s a decision that prioritizes integrity and transparency.


You choose Option B

You decided that Stella should convince the customer to purchase from her store. The customer might not get exactly what they wanted, but they’ll still get a quality product—and Stella is able to respect store protocol and protect its viability


You choose Option C

You decided that Stella should do something else entirely. There are so many options! Consider the role that trust and fairness play in this ethical dilemma. What about accountability? Is rule of law relevant here? Make sure to consider different ethical principles when making important decisions like this one!

Other Sponsored Course Guides

Thanks to the Daniels Fund, the following course guides are available free-of-charge for a limited time:

Accounting, Principles
Business & Marketing Essentials
Career Exploration for Middle-Level Students
Community College / Postsecondary Ethical Leadership
Digital Marketing
Entrepreneurship, Advanced
Entrepreneurship, Principles
Ethical Leadership
Ethical Leadership for Middle-Level Students
Finance, Introduction
Financial Analysis for Managers
Financial Management
Management, Introduction
Marketing Applications, Advanced
Marketing Principles
Personal Finance
Sport/Event Marketing, Advanced
Sports/Event Marketing, Introduction
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These guides are 100% aligned with the national Business Administration Curriculum Standards validated by industry across the nation.  They provide a model that can be used as-is or modified to meet your specific needs. Click here for more info about our course guides.

*We’re fortunate that the Daniels Fund has underwritten the cost of many of our materials. The Fund paid the bill so that you don’t have to!  If you’d like to take a minute to extend your appreciation, simply email and put in the subject line “Daniels.” We’ll get your note to the right people at the Fund. Who knows? Maybe your note will be the tipping point for future funding!  Thanks for taking the time.

Principle-Based Ethics

Resource Guides

Interested in the scope of our ethics work? Check out each program’s resource guide with accompanying development schedule:

Daniels Fund Middle School Program Resource Guide

Daniels Fund High School Program Resource Guide

Daniels Fund Community College Resource Guide