High School of Business Summer Training Recap

MBA in Action: Last week, we were happy to host teachers from around the country at our headquarters in Columbus for High School of Business™ (HSB) summer training!

For the first half of the week, teachers participated in Pedagogy training, an introduction to project-based learning and the HSB curriculum. Teachers played the student role during this training and worked through the first HSB project: creating and presenting a business bio.

Alicia Hindman, founder and CEO of The Buckeye Lady, joined us to share her story and evaluate the teachers’ business presentations. She also provided us with her signature Buckeye treats!

For the last half of the week, teachers transitioned to teacher mode for Principles of Business training. They dug deeper into the HSB curriculum, learned tips and tricks, and planned out their teaching schedules.

A special thank you to our trainers, Tami Perez and Matt Burg, for their excellent job leading the training! While the training is hard work, we always manage to have fun!

To learn more about the HSB program, reach out to Laurie Urich at UrichL@MBAResearch.org.