Ethics Integration Specialists

Thanks to the generous support of the Daniels Fund, we’ve trained an exceptional group of Ethics Integration Specialists whose mission is to help us integrate ethics in classrooms across the country.

Sharing Ethics Across the Country

Our long-term goal is to have an Ethics Integration Specialist available in every state. Interested in scheduling an ethics training in your backyard?

Class of 2023

In Spring of 2023, we trained 20 high school and middle school educators as Ethics Integration Specialists. Click here for photos from the training.

Ethics Integration Specialist Training

We utilize a train-the-trainer model in our Ethics Integration Specialist Training, so each participant experiences the same training they will conduct in their own state. Our Ethics Integration Specialists share their knowledge of ethics with other educators in their state via presentations at professional conferences, webinars, local district professional development events, etc.

Who Should Apply Next Year?

All CTE classroom teachers who believe in the necessity of integrating ethics into current curricula or are interested in leading the way to implement ethical leadership course material into the classroom are encouraged to apply. Be sure to share this information with other teachers you know. We are looking for a broad range of teachers within CTE at the high school level.

Where and When Does Training Take Place?

The 2-day training is held in the spring at MBA Research’s office, 1375 King Avenue, Columbus, OH 43212.

Why Should You Apply?

You’ll gain valuable professional development while also helping your colleagues grow as educators—all with the ultimate goal of building students’ knowledge of ethics, ethical decision-making, ethical principles, and more! You will also earn a stipend upon meeting the requirements for training other teachers in your state.

What Is the Cost of Training?

$0. All travel expenses, per MBA Research policy, will be covered, including flight, hotel, meals, and transportation to/from the airport. As needed, substitute costs, up to $150 per day, will also be paid.

What Are the Roles & Responsibilities of an EIS?

Teachers selected to participate in the Ethics Integration Specialist training are responsible for the following:

  • Complete and submit a Letter of Recommendation from your school/district administrator or state department of education program leader/consultant to document your success in presenting to adult learners.
  • Have your administrator complete and submit the Ethics Integration Administration Authorization form.
  • Participate in an extensive 2-day training scheduled for March 31–April 1, 2023, in its entirety.
  • Utilize training materials developed by MBA Research to deliver ethics training to a minimum of 100 additional teachers/educators who will then bring ethics resources to students in their classroom.
  • Provide no fewer than five trainings to reach the minimum of 100 additional teachers/educators by June 30, 2024. Workshop training materials provided will consist of a 1-hr module, a 3-hr module, and a 1-day module. At least one of the five required training sessions must include a 3-hour OR 1-day module.
  • Participate in no fewer than three ongoing support and assistance opportunities provided by MBA Research throughout the 2023–2024 school year. These opportunities may include phone, email, and/or conference calls/webinars (dates TBD).
  • Document and submit training reports per MBA Research instructions.
What Is the Incentive for Participating in the EIS Training?

MBA Research will pay up to a $1,500 stipend to each participating teacher, which will be distributed as follows:

  • $500 for attending and participating in the 2-day training on March 31–April 1, 2023, in its entirety.
  • $1,000 upon completion of the above Roles and Responsibilities of an Ethics Integration Specialist.

Who Should I Contact with Questions?

Contact Tammy Cyrus, Director of Professional Development, at or 614-486-6708 x401.

Class of 2022

In Spring of 2022, we trained 26 educators from across the country as Ethics Integration Specialists! Read more about that training here.

This training was an amazing and eye-opening experience I believe benefits every educator that is looking for support in their classroom or wants to play an active role in the development of meaningful pedagogy. This partnership between MBA Research and the Daniels Fund is doing the important work to make sure that ethics are at the forefront of education.

- Reginald McDaniel (KY)

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