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Not-for-profit, research-based support for all Business Administration educators: entrepreneurship, finance, hospitality, management/administration, and marketing.

Professional Development


New to the profession?
Trying to meet new challenges?
Looking for new ways to solve old problems?
Working to be more effective with today’s kids?



We’re proud to offer a growing menu of solutions for better positioning the teaching of Business Administration in today’s changing environment.  Although we offer many different kinds of professional development, all of our PD has one thing in common:  We focus on improving learning outcomes for all students of business.  And, we work to find ways to make a teacher’s life just a bit easier – or at least to help teachers focus on what matters most: Student performance.


Business Administration! 
Our research focuses on a wide range of possible careers and college majors, including entrepreneurship, finance, hospitality/tourism, management/administration, and marketing.   We study them all and then we translate what we learn from business into standards and curriculum for you.  All teachers of any specialty within the Business Administration framework will benefit from our PD opportunities.


Teacher-Leader Forum

The Teacher-Leader Forum is a new MBA Research initiative to encourage development of a common vision for business and marketing education.  Across the nation, business and marketing education continues to face significant challenges to position programs in schools that heavily focused on STEM and academic rigor.  Our hope is that by working together, our various professional associations can work together to strengthen demand for the teaching of core business subjects.

Beginning this spring, we’ll begin a continuing dialogue with elected leaders interested in exploring the future of business and marketing education, both secondary and postsecondary, and who are looking for ways to create a strong, engaging association to help the profession move forward. Read more.

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