Work-Based Learning Resources To Share

State leaders in Iowa have generously shared their recent work-based learning initiatives and related resources with all of our member states. A big thank you goes to Kristy Volesky and the Iowa Intermediary Network for sharing these resources with fellow state leaders. 

The new Iowa Internship Toolkit is available to use on the Iowa Department of Education’s Work-Based Learning website. Although a few items are Iowa-specific, most of the guide is applicable outside of Iowa.  

The new list of statewide events (both live and prerecorded) is available on the Iowa Intermediary Network website. All of the events are free and accessible to anyone who would like to access them. A simple questionnaire is completed, and then the recording is automatically emailed to the recipient. Recorded events from last year are available through the digital resources page. These events are a simple way for educators to connect authenticity to classroom learning.