Support and Information: Teaching Through the COVID-19 Pandemic

Contacting MBA Research Headquarters
All of our staff are working remotely due to safety concerns. To expedite responses, please email or view our Contact Us page to email staff directly with your question or concern.


MBA Learning Center LMS was created for online learning. It contains over 300 ready-to-use modules created just for business and marketing educators.

  • Not a subscriber? Order 12 month access.
  • The following states have upgraded membership levels and get free instructor access to the Learning Center: Alabama, Connecticut, Idaho, Kentucky, Mississippi, North Carolina, North Dakota, Nebraska, Wisconsin, and West Virginia. Educators in those states can request an account by emailing Be sure to include your name, school, and state.
  • Learning Center users: if you are not comfortable using student accounts, remember there are PDF and Word versions of the student handout, activities, tests, and other parts of the LAP in the Learning Center. This provides you a way to access LAPs without having your students use their accounts.
  • The Learning Center Helpdesk staff can help by email at

Ethics Resources
Materials for teaching ethics and ethical decision-making are available through the generous support of the Daniels Fund. This includes 72 lesson modules (LAPs) at no cost. In addition to ethics, topics include 21st century skills such as teamwork and communications.

Project Management Resources
Project Management tools, techniques, and templates are available through the generous support of the Project Management Institute Educational Foundation (PMIEF).

State’s Connection
Our resource portal where teachers in our member states will find free tools, content, and resources. Access our Curriculum Builder tool, ethical case studies, project management tools, and more!


All MBA Research assessments are available for purchase. MBA Research assessments serve as valid and reliable third-party documentation of learning.  These include:

  • A*S*K Certification. Note update to proctoring policy in a pandemic situation
  • High School of Business final exams are optional, but available for use through July 1, 2021. After that, the policy will be reassessed based on the status of the pandemic.
  • Program of Study exams (End of Program) are available with no changes to procedures
  • End-of-Course exams are available with no changes to procedures
  • Standard/Instructional Area exams are available with no changes to procedures

Credits for testing can be obtained through the online store.  For questions and help with ordering, please contact


  • Search for lessons by standard in the MBA Learning Center
  • Conference with students using MBA Learning Center
  • Connect with business professionals via Nepris
  • Entrepreneurship projects from Young Entrepreneurs Academy
  • Interactive economics lessons from EconEdLink
  • Encourage and recognize small chunks of learning with digital badges
  • Personal finance resources and PD from Next Gen Personal Finance
  • Ethics discussions using Gray Zone and Canvas discussion boards
  • Advice from teachers via Business Educators Facebook page
  • Additional Teacher Advisory Network-recommended resources
  • Knowledge@Wharton High School’s Remote Learning platform
  • Use Pear Deck to turn presentations into classroom conversations
  • Use ethics resources as great enrichment resources for all CTE areas
  • Focus on how factories are retooling using a LAP and a custom activity
  • EdPuzzle
  • Use MBA Learning Center for daily check-in
  • Loom
  • Business Trends with Classroom Connections
  • “Explore the Web” section of LAP modules
  • Simulations
  • National Retail Federation Foundation offers free credential


High School of Business End-of-Course Assessments
Through July 1, 2021, High School of Business final exams are optional, but available for use through July 1, 2021. After that, the policy will be reassessed based on the status of the pandemic. If your students have the opportunity to test in a secure, proctored setting, please do so.  If your state or district guidelines require remote testing, exams may be delivered in accordance with your state or local school’s secure testing policy for remote assessments. Note that we will not report national averages or recognize exam high scorers because of these circumstances.

HSB Teacher Collaborative Resource
Many HSB teachers have already shared resources for remote learning on the HSB Wiki. These are organized by performance indicator on each course’s Wiki page. Please consider sharing even one resource and soon these PI charts will be full for you to teach all of the PIs to your students online. This is an amazing resource; please take part!

MBA Learning Center LMS (Canvas)
You already have in your possession the tool HSB Teachers tell us they most rely on for remote learning. You and your students can access all HSB resources the same way at home as you do in the school building. We can help you use this rich resource. Get written instructions or speak directly with customer service.

PBLWorks Remote-Learning Micro-site
We use PBLWorks’ Gold Standard PBL to build HSB projects, and we recommend their remote-learning micro-site for

Online Learning resources recommended by teachers
While not written specifically for HSB Teachers, MBA Research’s teams of expert educators recommend these resources that work well in any business/marketing classroom.

Questions? Contact Zulfa Rizqiya, Program Administrator.


State Departments of Education