Refreshed National Business Administration Standards

They’re finally here! We were excited to debut the updated National Business Administration Standards at MBA Research Conclave earlier this month. Now, we’d like to walk you through the redesigned webpage.

You’ll notice a menu at the top of the page to easily direct you to the resources you’re looking for:

  • Why Use Our Standards?
    • See what sets our Standards apart and take a peek into the research behind them
  • Access the Standards
    • Here you’ll find the Business Administration Core, Career Cluster, and Entrepreneurship Standards
  • Integrate Our Standards Into Your Curriculum
    • Our Standards are woven through all our work, including course guides, LAPs, assessments, and more—access those resources here
  • Unpacking the Standards
    • Take a deeper dive into the framework behind the Standards, from levels of specificity to curricular organization
  • Learn More About Our Process
    • You’ll find documents to meet every stage of Standards familiarity, from introductory to advanced, as well as a Glossary for easy reference

The updated documents are designed to meet every level of Standards familiarity:

  • Looking for a simple, high-level overview of the Standards?
  • Interested in a deeper dive into our research?
  • What about an extensive report from the ground up with supplementary graphics?
  • Want to learn our terminology?

As part of our refresh, we designed new graphics to better illustrate the relationship among different Standards elements.

We created two sets of “fanouts” that come together in a placemat design:

  • The Cluster Core Fanouts show the instructional areas within Business Management, Finance, Marketing, and Hospitality & Tourism Management.
  • The Pathways Fanouts show the 4−5 pathways for each career cluster.
  • Together, these fanouts make up the Placemat, which provides a comprehensive view of the National Business Administration Standards.

Ideas for use: Reference all the graphics on our website (fanouts, Venn Diagram, pyramid) alongside the documents to familiarize yourself with the Standards. For visual learners, add the graphics into presentations to illustrate the Standards. Pin the placemat to a bulletin board or use it as an actual placemat, like we did at #MBAConclave23!