Learning From Industry Professionals in Nebraska

This week, we wrapped up a two-week series of futuring panel discussions with business and industry leaders in Nebraska. We have thoroughly enjoyed the virtual discussions as we’ve learned about business and industry trends across all of Nebraska’s CTE career fields. We also led the groups in discussions about work-based learning. Businesses are eager to provide internships and to connect with schools to do more to develop the workforce pipeline. Some interesting feedback to share includes suggestions for student readiness and confirmations about the importance of project-based learning.

Skills students need to succeed in an internship:

  • Know how to ask for help (confidence, self-esteem)
  • Be comfortable working on a team (social-emotional skills)
  • Be willing to learn (humility, curiosity, self-motivation)
  • Use active listening skills (engaged, reflecting, summarizing, sharing)
  • Creativity (brainstorming, problem-solving skills)