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Shashi Jain, IoT Innovation Manager at Intel, Entrepreneur, and Professor

Opening Keynote


Don’t miss this one-of-a-kind opening keynote session in which Shashi Jain will highlight the connections and collaboration between business and STEM. Shashi will show that businesses prepared for the future are led by a team steeped in entrepreneurship,  business administration and STEM domains.  Shashi will share lessons learned from the high tech community, the startup community, and with high school entrepreneurs through the TiE Young Entrepreneurs program. 

Shashi is a Portland-based entrepreneur, technologist, startup mentor, and instructor. He currently serves at Intel Corporation as an IoT Innovation Manager, pathfinding new applications for Intel IoT modules such as Edison, Curie, and Quark D1000. Outside of work, he organizes the Portland 3D Printing Lab Meetup, 3D prints prosthetic hands for kids via the eNABLE community, teaches innovation and entrepreneurship to high school students through TYE Oregon, and actively mentors early stage startups. He was a lead organizer of Portland Startup Weekend and remains active as a facilitator and community organizer.

Game-Changing Strategies for Significant Enrollment, Retention, & Performance Results

Featured Keynote


Join dynamic education expert Mark C. Perna as he unveils the groundbreaking strategies that are changing the game for CTE. Maximize CTE’s exclusive competitive advantage to boost your enrollment, retention, and performance. Discover the revolutionary Education with Purpose® philosophy, key generational insights, and proven Light at the End of the Tunnel strategy. Plus, experience the Career Tree®, a breakthrough classroom tool to spark ongoing student dialogue and demolish stigmas. You and your team will join thousands of colleagues nationwide who are using these cutting-edge best practices to enroll, retain, and engage Generations Y and Z like never before!


Mark C. Perna is the founder and CEO of Tools for Schools (TFS) in Cleveland, Ohio, a full-service strategic communications and consulting firm whose mission is to share and support every client’s desire to make a difference. Mark, a graduate of John Carroll University, has many years of experience addressing industry leaders on the topic of expanding their reach in an increasingly global marketplace. As a noted expert on Generations Y and Z, Mark has devoted his career to empowering educators and employers to unleash the tremendous potential of today’s young people, both in the classroom and on the job.

At TFS, Mark heads an energetic team of talented professionals who share his vision of making a bigger difference in education and workforce development. TFS partners with schools, districts, businesses, and state organizations of all sizes nationwide to help them experience significant gains in enrollment, engagement, retention, and performance rates.

Ethics Training Through Analytical Projects

Featured Presentation

What if we were able to teach Ethical Leadership by focusing on Leadership Strategies? 

Join Nathan Knottingham from the Knowledge Coop as he focuses on providing ethics education through Project-Based Learning (PBL). Depending on whom you talk to, "truth" is either objective or subjective and difficult to define for most. The world needs ethical leaders who will consider the benefits of all in their decision-making process. Perhaps it is time to change the way we present ethics in training from a defined solution to a thoughtful presentation and deep dive into leadership traits. 

Let's look at new ways to present PBL in an effort to help individual students define ethical leadership by learning and applying leadership traits from some of the most widely read and respected sources in the world today. 

Your 7th Sense Together at Work and School

Featured Presentation

Locally, how many schools and businesses partner annually? Not enough. Of those few schools and businesses who do partner, how many are recognized by their respective peers or earn awards? Nowhere near enough. Nationally, how many schools and business associations have partnerships? Still not enough.

In the new age of constant connection, those communities which develop an understanding of networks--a seventh sense--will thrive in the world. Both the quality and quantity of these connected networks affect our schools and businesses. Skeptical? Airbnb saw unused bedrooms as a way to make (a lot) of money by developing a network that connected homeowners with travelers, while Uber saw unused personal cars as disruptive public transportation. What if we saw high school business and marketing programs as unused agencies with opportunities to strengthen programs and student learning through strong, sustained partnerships? 

During this interactive session, attendees will explore this "what if" with the only professional marketing association partnering with high schools anywhere in the U.S. and a one-of-a-kind business and school partnership. Each piece of both professional association and business partnerships will be revealed in depth with the explicit intention of audience adoption and expansion of their own networks. Power comes from the number, the type, and the speed of relationships that networks establish and then use. 

As we explore your seventh sense, we will examine and unlock your ability to look at anything (i.e., High School of Business, CTSO Chapters, etc.) and see the way in which it can be changed by business engagement.

Join Brandon Pelissero and Rhace Smith of Ecolink Inc. (Tucker, GA) and Kari Palmer from Sequoyah High School (Canton, GA) as they share their experiences and ideas on how to engage business.

Hide and Go Speak: Helping Those Around You Find Their True Voices

Closing Keynote


Join us on Monday morning, October 9, to find out how Frank Tate, a dedicated father and successful entrepreneur (5 Minute Walk Records, Super Franks Fun Adventure, MindQuilt, The Knowledge Coop), proposes we improve our lives and our businesses by simply analyzing and applying quantitative and qualitative data (both filtered and raw). Frank will share his story of how growing up in the Foster Care system of California forged his signature perspective on Screaming Data, which guides his decision-making process in both his personal and professional life. Frank will share his premise that our job as parents, spouses, educators, colleagues, and executive leaders is to EDIT people's stories, rather than AUTHOR them. Learn how the application of this principle has played a key role in Frank not only loving his journey and creating multiple successful businesses, but helping countless others listen to their data, so they can live their "best story" both personally and professionally.


Frank Tate is a husband, father, entrepreneur (5 Minute Walk Records, Super Franks Fun Adventure, MindQuilt, The Knowledge Coop), and author who has a passion to encourage and motivate people to live a great story, no matter how their past chapters have played out. Frank spent 10 years in foster care (ages 8-18) and shares how being invited into a loving foster home changed the trajectory of his journey and gave him great insights as he continues to write and live his own story. Frank advises numerous companies, groups, and entrepreneurs. He loves his family, mountain biking, going to Maui, and watching the amazing Oakland A's. Frank's memoir, Foster Kid, is very close to publication.

The MBA Conclave Curriculum and Teaching Conference is designed to help anyone who teaches or administers the teaching of business administration (entrepreneurship, finance, hospitality, management/administration, and marketing) build better, bigger, stronger programs at the local level.  Every session is designed for take-home value.  Click here for more about Conclave.

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Conclave is the most important conference available to all business/marketing teachers.  Why?  Conclave draws the nation’s best teachers of:

  • Entrepreneurship
  • Finance
  • Hospitality/Tourism
  • Management/Administration
  • Marketing

And, the best of the best come to share ideas, strategies, connections, and more!  

With so many different types of presentations available, odds are you can find one that fits your interests and your ideas.

Since all sessions emphasize take-home value, the most likely proposals to be accepted are:

  • Classroom or community projects that are replicable in other schools
  • Specific strategies for integrating student organizations (BPA, DECA, or FBLA), academics, or technology
  • Program development (marketing and promotion) that help build enrollment of better position programs
  • Ideas for increasing participation of the business community
  • Other new, different, creative, and replicable ideas to help strengthen the overall offering of Business Administration curricula.                            

Topics of interest for 2017
All session topics will be considered, but priorities for the 2017 Conclave include:

  • Substantive classroom projects
  • Use and sources of data for program improvement
  • Trends, vision, and issues relevant in today’s educational environment
  • Integration of and support for Common Core Standards (particularly projects and activities that demonstrate and document full integration)
  • Student engagement strategies and tactics, specifically those that are specific to learning outcomes of the national Business Administration standards
  • Integration of technology specific to learning outcomes of the national Business Administration standards
  • Involvement of the business community in new and creative ways
  • Integration of eLearning in a blended learning environment
  • Program positioning: Branding of business/marketing programs
  • Student recruiting strategies, plans, and tactics
  • Marketing plans that address specific audiences
  • Communications strategies, plans, and tactics (including social media)
  • Positioning SWOT analyses or comparable activities
  • HS/College Connections ◦Shared project and activities
  • Unique partnership arrangements
  • Various uses of technology
  • Creative articulation agreements
  • Creative use of CTSO’s
  • Certification, exam, and other student measures

Types of sessions/Travel stipend
There are several different types of sessions and each offers a stipend to help cover part of your cost of participating.  Stipends are available only to individuals registered for the conference and registered at the conference hotel (local presenters excepted).  (You may earn stipends for up to three different activities.)


  • 2 1/2-hour hands-on workshops ($350*)
  • 6-hour hands-on workshop ($600)
  • Concurrent 45-minute sessions ($250*)
  • QuickStop 20-minute show and tell ($50*)
  • DeepThink Roundtable (90-minute) facilitator/presenter ($150*)

*For repeated sessions (same topic), the stipend is 50%.

How to apply
Thank you for your interest in presenting at Conclave.  The person submitting the form will be the contact for all presenters of the session.  Conclave will be held October 6 - 9 in Vancouver, WA at the Vancouver Hilton.  Educational presenters must be registered for Conclave.  If you have specific questions regarding your presentation, please contact Brenda Clark, Director of Professional Development, at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..  You will receive confirmation of your presentation within five business days of your submission.  Initial presentation selections will be completed by May 1st.  Submissions after May 1st but before July 31 will be reviewed on an availability basis. 

To apply to present, simply click on this application link and complete the application.

2017 info coming soon!


Be Even Better at What You Do: Free Educational Technology Tools That Will Increase Student Learning and Teacher Productivity
Presented by Rachel Kahly, Branch Manager, Office of CTE, Kentucky
Google Doc (PowerPoint)


Accreditation 101
Presented by Rick Mangini, Project Director, MBA Research
Download (PowerPoint)

An Introduction to MBA Research
Presented by April Miller, VP, Instructional Design, MBA Research
Download (PowerPoint)

Best Practices for LAPs
Presented by Tammy Cyrus, South Central High School (NC)
Download (PowerPoint)

Business Engagement
Presented by Rick Mangini, Project Director, MBA Research; Laurie Urich, Project Manager, MBA Research
Download (PowerPoint)

Business Stand-Outs and CEOs: A Model for Business Excellence
Presented by Lisa Berkey, Program Director for High School of Business™, MBA Research
Download (PowerPoint)

Chapter Management 101: Steps for Running an Outstanding FBLA Chapter
Presented by Jessica DeVaal, North Dakota Career & Technical Education
Download (Notes), Download (PowerPoint)

Collaborating With PBL
Presented by David Clark, Michigan Marketing Educators Association
Download (PowerPoint)

Daniels Fund Ethics Initiative: High School Program
Presented by April Miller, VP, Instructional Design, MBA Research
Download (PowerPoint)

Don't Drown - Paperwork Can Be Simple(r)
Presented by Jennifer Milke, Henry Ford II High School (MI)
Download (PowerPoint)

FBLA National Programs From A to Z
Presented by Kelly Scholl, Education Director, FBLA (VA)
Download (PowerPoint)

GAFE: This Is My Fight Song!
Presented by Snehal Bhakta, Clark County School District (NV)

I'm A Techaholic: Canva
Presented by Amber Aberle, Valley City State University (ND)
Download (PDF)

I'm A Techaholic: Screencast-O-Matic
Presented by Amber Aberle, Valley City State University (ND)
Download (PDF)

Increase Student Learning and Engagement: Tech Tools for Formative Assessments
Presented by Rachel Kahly, Jessamine Career and Tech Center (KY)

Micro-credentials: Giving Students the Competitive Edge
Presented by Rick Mangini, Project Director, MBA Research
Download (PowerPoint)

New? This Is Your Place! An Introduction to MBA Research
Presented by James Gleason, Ph.D., President/CEO, MBA Research; Trey Michael (NC), Board Chair, MBA Research
Download (PowerPoint)

New Resources for Managing Classroom Projects
Presented by April Miller, VP, Instructional Design, MBA Research; Diane Fromm, PMIEF; Lori Hairston, Washington DECA
Download (PowerPoint)

Presented by Jennifer Milke, Henry Ford II High School (MI)
Download (PowerPoint), Download (Handout)

Presented by Tammy Cyrus, South Central High School (NC)

Social Media in the Classroom
Presented by Snehal Bhakta, Clark County School District (NV)

"Spice Up" Your Instruction
Presented by Jennifer Milke, Henry Ford II High School (MI)
Download (PowerPoint)

Teach & Lead Like a TED Talk
Presented by Snehal Bhakta, Clark County School District (NV)

Teaching Project Management: Lessons Learned
Presented by April Miller, VP, Instructional Design, MBA Research
Download (PowerPoint)

Unleashing the Future - How Entrepreneurship and the Maker Movement Can Transform K12 Classrooms
Presented by Chad Ratliff, Albemarle County Schools (VA)

What's New With FBLA Competitive Events?
Presented by Kelly Scholl, Education Director, FBLA (VA)
Download (PowerPoint)