2023 Education Speakers

Brisk It, Not Just a Great Tasting Meat

We all know AI is here and growing fast, but do you know how to use it to your advantage?  Your students are going to, so don’t fall behind.  In this session you will learn about a simple to use AI tool to help you differentiate instruction, write lesson plans, create a quiz and even give feedback to students.  Would you believe in just one short session you will be able to do all of that. With AI you can. Don’t let the future pass you by. 
Presenter: Adam Feazell, Principal, MBA Research PD Team, Hampshire High School (WV) 


Keep Their Attention & Get Them Moving: Easy & Effective Instructional Strategies & Activities

Tired of doing the same old thing in your classroom? This session will give you instructional strategies and activities to keep your students engaged and that are adaptable for the business and marketing classroom. Perfect for those new to teaching, but experienced teachers are also welcome. 
Presenter: Angela Rush, Teacher, Teacher Advisory Network (TAN), Barren County High School (KY) 


Finding Success with Chapter Officers

The advisors at Scottsbluff DECA have had difficulty in using chapter officers effectively but have experienced successful collaboration the past couple of years. In this session, Scottsbluff’s head advisor will recount difficulties in selecting and leading chapter officers, steps taken to address the issues, and activities currently used to get the most out of their officer team. The session should be beneficial for new advisors in any CTSO or advisors that have had difficulty with officer leadership.  
Presenter: Justin Gipe, Teacher, Teacher Advisory Network (TAN), Scottsbluff High School (NE) 


Experience the Difference with DECA’s Top Ten Resources for Advisors

DECA provides its advisors with unparalleled resources to support integrating DECA into the classroom, chapter strategy and advisor professional learning. Get an overview of our top 10 resources, including new features on the website that provide nearly 500 on-demand resources. 
Presenter: Christy Rutherford, Education Manager, DECA 


Career Exploration Modules for Middle School Classrooms

Our new career exploration modules for middle school classrooms are now available. Learn how these modules can assist in preparing students for their future careers, the components of the ready-to-use lessons, and how to access them for FREE. 
Presenter: April Miller, Vice President of Teaching and Learning, MBA Research & Curriculum Center 


DECA Events Crosswalk

Are you a DECA advisor? See how High School of Business prepares your students for DECA. Here is a crosswalk of DECA events to help engage and guide students to success throughout the year. 
Presenter: Janna Robinett, HSB Teacher, Rock Canyon High School (CO) 


Empowered: Engaging Students to Be Successful in the Real World

In the Empowered “Do first, talk later” approach, attendees will experience one of the Empowered activities to get a first-hand experience on how our foundational principles transform a student’s interactions, how to demonstrate and model behavior in real markets that are all around us (not just monetary ones), and fostering the growth mindset, which can develop into an entrepreneurial mindset, where students are active in their behaviors from creating value in life.
Presenters: Jason Filie and Dre’ Helms, Empowered


State’s Connection: A Treasure Trove of Resources

Learn what resources are available for educators in member states through the State’s Connection portal. You will find a treasure trove of resources available for you at no cost.  Join us to learn about them, how to use them in the classroom, and how to access them at no additional charge. 
Presenter: Nadine Scott, Teacher, MBA Research PD Team, Penta Career Center, Oak Harbor High School (OH) 


Together We Achieve: FBLA BAA Capstone

$5,000! That’s the amount that one FBLA member can win as a part of the Business Achievement Awards Capstone Project. A local adviser will share implementation techniques. 
Presenters: Janet Brophy, FBLA Adviser, Idalia High School (CO) | Gayle Robinson, Director of Education Programs, FBLA 


AI in the Classroom – Using AI for Strategies and Activities to Enrich Student Learning

In this session, you will get a hands-on approach to learning how to use AI tools in your classroom.  AI is the future that will help you write lesson plans, modify instruction for different levels of learners, and create assessments and feedback in just seconds.  AI is here; let’s learn how to use it to our advantage.   
Presenters: Adam Feazell, Principal, MBA Research PD Team, Hampshire High School (WV) | Georganna Mansfield, Teacher, Teacher Advisory Network (TAN), Mineral County Technical Center (WV) 


Mentor Magic: Your Next Level Success 

Step into a realm where guidance, growth, and transformation converge, as we unravel impactful mentoring. Through captivating stories, practical examples, and insightful strategies, this presentation illuminates how mentorship can inspire personal and professional brilliance. Whether you’re a mentor, a mentee, or an advocate for nurturing potential, ‘Mentor Magic’ will empower you to create connections that can change lives. 
Presenter: Sheila K. Morris, BPA’s Director of Education & Professional Learning


HSB Flagship – What it is and What are the Benefits for your School and State

Learn how to take your High School of Business program to the next level! During this session you will learn how to become more involved on a state and national level; with the opportunity to promote your program success and receive the recognition that you deserve. 
Presenters: Laurie Urich, Director of High School of Business, MBA Research & Curriculum Center
                     Maria Machin, HSB Teacher, Eastern High School (KY)
                     Jean Schneider, HSB Teacher, Prairie Valley High School (CO) 


Global Business Squad Ambassador Program Opportunity

This program is for secondary and post-secondary teachers and students engaging in community service projects, rural communities, cultural learning activities, and educational workshops to experience the rewards of international volunteer programs. This program will enable business students to gain greater business knowledge through various means with professional consultants and rural business owners in various countries. Business Squads deliver business strategies to small business “clients” from partner communities providing invaluable real-world business skills and experience. 
Presenters: Erik Werner and Karen Kyei-Fordjour, Squads Abroad 


This is How We Use DECA in the Classroom

DECA programs are the perfect opportunity to engage your members and earn chapter recognition. Learn how to use DECA’s Chapter Campaigns and Corporate Challenges to integrate DECA into the classroom while engaging and recognizing members. 
Presenters: Christy Rutherford, Education Manager, DECA | Debbie Taylor, Leadership Manager, DECA 


Get Out of the Way and Let Them Learn:  Engage Students Using Project-Based Learning (PBL) and Project Management Tools

Do you have a hard time stepping back and allowing your students to take charge of their own learning?  Do you know the difference between working on projects and project-based learning (PBL)?  Do you struggle with bringing structure to constructive chaos?  Come spend a few minutes learning about the components of PBL, project management tools, classroom experiences, and resources available to help you transition your classroom to a PBL environment.  
Presenter: Tami Perez, HSB Lead Trainer, CTE Coordinator, Business Teacher, MBA Research PD Team, Idaho Technical Career Academy (ID) 


Quarter, Blocks, & 4-Day Weeks: How to Make HSB Work with Any Schedule

In recent years, more schools are considering adopting different instructional schedules to accommodate student, community, or staffing needs. This means teachers need strategies, examples, and support to make the HSB curriculum “fit” into a different course schedule and maintain the content’s fidelity. This presentation will provide resources to help teachers make these adjustments, including project timelines, assignment alignments, and workload balance. 
Presenter: Jean Schneider, Prairie View High School, CO 


Together We Achieve: FBLA Chapter Engagement

From our new one-stop shop database FBLA Connect to our membership engagement program Champion Chapter with the end result of a solid Program of Work, FBLA has the tools and resources to enhance your CTSO experience!  
Presenter: Lisa Smothers, Director of Membership, FBLA 


ASK Exams: Taking a Look at Revisions and Additions

Have you heard? This summer, we revised the A*S*K Certification Exams (and added a new one) to better align with business administration programs. Spend a few minutes learning about the changes and how to prepare your students for success on these industry-based exams. 
Presenter: April Miller, Vice President of Teaching and Learning, MBA Research & Curriculum Center 


3 Critical Employability Skills that ChatGPT Will NOT Teach Your Students

ChatGPT is sweeping the country to help people do research and write emails and essays. But artificial intelligence has its limits, and there is no substitute for authentic, human interaction.  

Join Chelsea Caputo from Rubin, the leading provider of online instruction for employability skills, as she leads a workshop to help students make deep, lasting connections for college and career opportunities. Chelsea will cover how to use listening skills to hold a face-to-face conversation, conduct internet research to prepare for a career fair or internship/job interview, and tell an unforgettable story of overcoming a challenge as the basis of a cover letter.  

AI writing tools may be the wave of the future, but classic people skills will never go out of style — and they mean even more today with the rise in hi-tech. Chelsea’s workshop is one you do NOT want to miss! 
Presenter: Chelsea Caputo, National Sales Manager, Rubin 


Junior Achievement

Junior Achievement is a non-profit worldwide with a wealth of FREE educational resources that will inspire and enrich your teaching journey. Explore innovative tools, engaging materials, and a NEW student experience that dives into career and entrepreneurship inspiration! 
Presenters: Stephanie Murphy, Director of Education & JA Finance Park, Junior Achievement Rocky Mountain 


Strategies for National Success in FBLA & DECA

Middleton High School FBLA & DECA programs have been recognized for their success on the national stage. We plan on sharing student recruitment strategies, organization tips, event prep resources, and growing your local community involvement. This session will be most beneficial for high school teachers looking to start or grow your chapter for national success. 
Presenters: Bill Boehm and Bob Hutchison, Middleton High School, WI 


Recruit + Engage + Recognize: Implementing DECA at Your School

Join the conversation around implementing DECA programs. Topics for discussion and sharing will include but are not limited to member recruitment, competitive events, student officers, school-based enterprise activities, fundraising and more. 
Presenter: Christy Rutherford, Education Manager, DECA 


Unleashing the Positive Potential of AI (ChatGPT) in Your Classroom

AI is changing the education landscape, but its potential can help reduce the tedious tasks educators face daily. Join this session to get hands-on experience with AI tools to enhance instruction, build frameworks for courses and assessments, and prepare for competitive events in your CTSO. 
Presenter: Patrick W. Schultz, BPA’s Director of Membership & Technology


How to Introduce an HSB Project

Unpacking the Statement of Work (SOW) is necessary to ensure the project’s success. Rachel will show you how to unpack the SOW by combining individual and team-based approaches, using the same procedure each time but changing the reinforcement activities. The reinforcement activities are from the activity ring binder you received at HSB training. She will share with you a template that she uses so that you can develop a similar approach. 
Presenter: Rachel Frydlewicz, Westport Middle School, KY 


Retail Isn’t Just Folding Jeans! Exploring Career Paths from Brick-and-Mortar to the Metaverse

Join RISE Up Customer Engagement Manager Barbara Collins from the NRF (National Retail Federation) Foundation for a journey to discover multiple exciting career opportunities in retail. Did you know that PetSmart employs biologists to travel the world and select species of pets to sell in stores? And Walmart hires meteorologists to help make supply chain decisions! All manners of people and careers are behind the products and services at your favorite stores. From HR to IT – and from social media to sales – retail has it all! And retail establishments are everywhere, supporting 52 million jobs across the country and 25% of all jobs in Colorado. Learn how NRF’s RISE up credentials can help your students prepare for these jobs and build their careers – in retail – and beyond. Attend this session and receive a link for complimentary access to the RISE Up certification of your choice. 
Presenter: Barbara Collins, Customer Engagement Manager, NRF Foundation 


Unlocking Students’ Potential through CTSO Gamification

In this session, participants will explore the concept of gamification and how it can be applied to enhance the engagement and learning experience of members in Career and Technical Student Organizations (CTSOs). The session will cover the basic principles of gamification and how they can be used to create an interactive and enjoyable learning environment. 
Presenter: Sandy Spavone, FCCLA Executive Director 


How Counseling Can Improve Your HSB Program

The key to success for any HSB program is the partnership with your counseling department.  Counselors can help guide the right students to your classroom, but they don’t do it in isolation. This session will focus on the partnership between Counselor and Teacher, and what needs to happen so both parties can successfully support the HSB program.  
Presenter: Amy Bailon, Assistant Principal, Prairie View High School, CO


Synergy Unleashed: How to Engage Business & Industry 

Dive into the dynamic world of engaging business and industry. Discover how to forge powerful connections between academia and the professional realm, unlocking a world of collaborative potential. 
Presenter: Sheila K. Morris, BPA’s Director of Education & Professional Learning


The Importance of Membership in Student Organizations for Underrepresented Groups

The enrollment of women and other underrepresented groups in business schools continues to slowly increase. Statistics show an increase in women majoring in business from around 32% in 2011 to 39% in 2019. Intentionally recruiting women and students from other underrepresented groups can have an impact on college enrollment statistics. This presentation will discuss strategies for recruiting women and other underrepresented groups. 
Presenter: Nicole Smith, St. Teresa’s Academy, MO 


This is How We Develop Chapter Strategy

Having a chapter strategy is an important practice for managing your chapter. You’ll learn the core elements of an effective DECA chapter strategy, including mission based officer positions, DECA goals, chapter program of leadership, and leadership tools. Discover how to use your chapter’s leadership team to accomplish your chapter’s goals. If you are struggling with managing or motivating your chapter, this session is for you! 
Presenters: Christy Rutherford, Education Manager, DECA | Debbie Taylor, Leadership Manager, DECA 


Successfully Brand and Market Your Program… and They Will Come!

Successful branding will significantly improve enrollment! After teaching for 40 years and building two successful business and marketing programs, Suzan will share successful ways to build a quality brand and promote business and marketing programs. Without effective branding, programs often struggle with image and enrolment. Specific KEYS to building and branding a strong business/marketing program will be presented, including building a quality brand, engaging businesses and school administration, student recruitment, and student engagement. 
Presenter: Suzan Newberry, WY DECA Board of Directors/Assistant to State DECA Advisor 


How HSB Can Improve the Performance and Culture of Your School

Over the past five years, I have managed a comprehensive high school that started an HSB Program and have worked with the staff to develop into the largest CTE program in our district. The rigor of the curriculum, the sense of belonging it creates for students, and the opportunities it creates beyond high school have been part of a culture change for our school. This presentation is why administrators should welcome and support this program. 
Presenter: Michael Burke, School District 27J, CO 


National Business Administration Standards: Rolling Out the New Look 

All of the visuals associated with the National Business Administration Standards have a new look—with you, the educator, in mind. Our new graphics better illustrate the focus and organization of the standards, making it easier to put the standards to work in your classroom. Come find out how you can access the visuals and the written guides to assist in putting it all together. 
Presenter: April Miller, Vice President, Teaching & Learning, MBA Research & Curriculum Center 


This is How We Implement a School-Based Enterprise – Best Practices

School-based Enterprises reinforce classroom instruction with realistic and practical learning experiences. This session will focus on best practices, including connecting to coursework, operations, product selection, nutrition guidelines, equipment and preferred vendors. 
Presenter: Debbie Taylor, Leadership Manager, DECA 


CTSO Event Crosswalk

Are you the advisor of FBLA / DECA / BPA? What students participate in multiple CTSOs? Here is a crosswalk of CTSO events to help engage and guide students to success throughout the year.  
Presenter: Janna Robinett, HSB Teacher, Rock Canyon High School (CO) 


Together We Achieve: FBLA Competitive Events

FBLA Competitive Events have a new look! Learn about the competitive events categories, guidelines and share best practices. 
Presenters: Jacqui Garrison, FBLA State Adviser (NE) | Jen Staley, Director of Awards & Recognition, FBLA 


Integrating Ethics into the Classroom

Targeted for Middle and/or High School classrooms, “Integrating Ethics in the Classroom” provides comprehensive, ready-to-use lesson plans designed to help make your preparation easy, fast, and relevant. Lessons focus on developing leadership skills, a positive career-oriented attitude, and technical and academic performance. The curriculum is research-based and aligned with national standards for marketing, management, finance, and business administration. Leave this workshop with over 70 ready-to-use lessons to integrate, use, share, or use to train others. 
Presenter: Dr. Sheri Turner, Conway Public Schools, AR 


Work-Based Learning in HSB

This presentation will discuss strategies for increasing WBL opportunities within a business program. We will consider student run businesses within the school to Internships/Apprenticeships outside the school. It will also include how using WBL opportunities can grow your business program and create partnerships with community members to enhance the learning experiences you can offer your students. 
Presenter: Jean Schneider, Prairie View High School, CO 


This is How We Use Business Operations Research Events in The Classroom

DECA’s Business Operations Research events are an excellent foundation for a semester or year-long project. Discover how you can effortlessly weave these events into your curriculum. You’ll leave with an example timeline, strategies for matching projects with course objectives and a sample project outline. 
Presenter: Christy Rutherford, Education Manager, DECA 


Simulated Internships Your Students Will Love!

Are you looking for an innovative way to help your students gain valuable experience and build marketable skills? We’ll show you how Stukent Simternships provide a safe, low-risk environment for students to make and learn from mistakes and apply what they’ve learned to real-world business scenarios. With various subjects to choose from, including Marketing, Public Speaking, and Entrepreneurship, Simternships help your students stand out in a competitive job market and prepare them for successful careers. 
Presenter: Virgil Ricks, Director of Product Marketing for High School and Platforms, Stukent 


Together We Achieve: FBLA Town Hall

In today’s rapidly evolving business landscape, the demand for skilled and adaptable young professionals is higher than ever. This town hall is to gain insights into how Future Business Leaders of America, Inc. (FBLA) can play a pivotal role in bridging the gap between education and industry by cultivating the next generation of workforce talent and promoting work-based learning. Participants will learn more about FBLA’s new partnerships with local Chambers of Commerce and the Society of Human Resource Managers-SHRM. 
Presenter: Alex Graham, President & CEO, FBLA 


Basics in Teaching – A Fun Refresher!

A fast-moving, engaging workshop designed for new teachers or teachers who need to freshen up their lessons. Teachers will receive strategies to make lessons engaging to reach all types of learners and ensure instruction is clear to students, just to name a few! If you are looking for ways to add confidence to your teaching or to re-engage with your students, this is for you. 
Presenter: Dr. Sheri Turner, Conway Public Schools, AR 


Bringing Ethics into the Middle School Classroom

This session is designed to introduce teachers to the Daniels Fund as well as social and emotional learning modules for middle school students. The session introduces resources to help educators gain an understanding of the importance of ethics education as an integral part of a business administration program. 
Presenter: Rachel Frydlewicz, CTE Teacher, Westport Middle School (KY) 


Artificial Intelligence (AI) Tools A-Z: Mock Interviews, Marketing Campaigns, Text to Images, and More!

Did you know that you can conduct a mock interview, create an entire global marketing campaign, and create other works of art just from a few words using AI? Join this session to gain insight on popular free and paid services that leverage AI to perform tasks that were once tedious. 
Presenter: Patrick W. Schultz, BPA’s Director of Membership & Technology


This is How We Prepare Students for DECA Roleplays + Exams

DECA’s competitive event exams and role-plays are designed to assess members’ knowledge in defined instructional areas. Do you wish to have a better understanding of the rigorous, industry validated exams used at the district level, chartered association level and International Career Development Conference, as well as key components and distinct tasks participants must accomplish during the role-play? Whether you are new or experienced advisor, become familiar with DECA’s evaluation process and how to include role-plays in classroom instruction. 
Presenter: Christy Rutherford, Education Manager, DECA 


Grow Your Own: Cultivating Highly Skilled Educators for the Future

Explore innovative approaches to tackle the shortage of skilled educators, with a focus on leveraging FCCLA’s resources. We will delve into FCCLA’s “growing your own” program and highlight key resources such as Competitive Events and National Be a Teacher Day™. We will also discuss the measures FCCLA is taking to fill the teacher pipeline with highly skilled and qualified future educators. 
Presenter: Sandy Spavone, FCCLA Executive Director


Bringing Ethics into the Middle School Classroom

This session introduces teachers to the Daniels Fund and social and emotional learning modules for middle school students. The session introduces resources to help educators understand the importance of ethics education as an integral part of a business administration program. 
Presenter: Rachel Frydlewicz, Westport Middle School, KY 


Together We Achieve: FBLA Self-Paced Learning

FBLA offers more than competitive events for individual student members. Learn about all the individual recognition programs such as Business Achievement Awards. 
Presenter: Gayle Robinson, Director of Education Programs, FBLA 


MBA Research’s Top Ten Free Resources for the Classroom

MBA Research offers a variety of FREE resources for marketing and business administration teachers, which can become overwhelming in deciding which resources to use.  Learn about the top 10 resources that teachers are using and leave with a list of ready-to-go resources for your classroom.    
Presenter: Adam Feazell, Principal, MBA Research Professional Development Team, Hampshire High School (WV) 



You’ll be guided through the many features of DECA+, the interactive preparation tool that is also a tremendous resource to use in the classroom. Learn how to seamlessly integrate industry insights, exams, role-play scenarios and more into your classroom.  
Presenter: Christy Rutherford, Education Manager, DECA 


How to Actually Start an HSB Program

MBA Research provides a high-level overview of how to plan and implement an HSB program, but many of us would like more details and examples. This presentation will provide a deeper dive into starting HSB in your environment, including example road maps, suggested contacts, and program marketing recommendations. 
Presenter: Jean Schneider, Prairie View High School, CO 


Together We Achieve: FBLA Business Achievement Awards

FBLA offers more than competitive events for individual student members. Business Achievement Awards is a program with four levels: Contributor, Leader, Advocate & Capstone. We will explore these programs and the learning platform. 
Presenter: Gayle Robinson, Director of Education Programs, FBLA 


2023-2024 DECA Competitive Event Topics

Learn about the 2023-2024 topics for Business Operations Research Events and Professional Selling and Consulting Events. 
Presenter: Christy Rutherford, Education Manager, DECA 


Teaching High School of Business on the Quarter System

Join Mrs. Baral as she provides her system and structures and tips on how she teaches the High School of Business Courses in a Quarter Block System at her current High School in Colorado. 
Presenter: JoLynn Baral, Riverdale Ridge High School, CO 


An Overview of the Learning Center

The Learning Center is loaded with interactive modules that are accessible anytime, anywhere. This one-stop system provides 300+ resources for all of your curriculum and instructional needs! Learn more about this interactive system and how it can simplify lesson planning yet enrich your students’ learning experiences.   
Presenter: April Miller, Vice President of Teaching and Learning, MBA Research & Curriculum Center