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2023 Education Speakers

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2022: Setting Up Your Gradebook in the Learning Center

Join Heather as she discusses how to set up the gradebook, organize LAPS in the gradebook, adjust the scoring values of assignments, delete assignments, and export gradebook.

2022: Enhance Your Curriculum by Integrating Ethics

Integrate MBA Research’s Ethical Leadership curriculum into your classroom. This free curriculum makes for great bell ringer activities, classroom discussions, and more. When the media spotlights the questionable conduct of leaders on a regular basis, there is not better time to purposefully introduce ethics to your students.

2022: BestPrep: Financial Literacy & Career Readiness Resource

Learn about the cost-free resources BestPrep provides to help students explore career options and gain critical employability and financial literacy skills. The BestPrep team will highlight their programs, opportunities for educators to utilize the free services available statewide and collaborate with community and business volunteers.

2022: Women in Business

Women entrepreneurs are a growing segment of the world economy but we see limited numbers of girls in our CTE business classes. In order to prepare more girls for business roles, we created Women in Business. Our course has 19 students enrolled. This course will focus on the history, impact, and influence of female business leaders. A portion of the class will be spent on local women in business leadership roles through interviews and case studies.

2022: From Competitive Events to Career Success

Discover how FCCLA prepares students with the foundational employability skills needed to succeed in careers within the four Family and Consumer Sciences (FCS) career pathways. Join us to hear case studies on how youth projects led to career connections and success.

2022: How to Make an Impact on Your Student Responses

Learn how to effectively and efficiently respond to students work in writing. There are some simple methods to review work and make comments in a meaningful manner. The response to students work to encourage their energy in the classroom, view of the subject material and be productive. Utilize this simple technique to make a difference in your classroom.

2022: Cultural Awareness

As national policies and rules change in education, this session will keep advisors and teachers abreast of societal awareness that may affect students.

2022: We Are the Champions!

This interactive session will teach attendees about the new member engagement program that helps chapters develop a successful Program of Work.

2022: This Is How DECA's Competitive Events Connect to Curriculum

Discover why DECA’s Competitive Events Program is the framework that is essential for every student being college- and career-ready. Learn how DECA’s Competitive Events Program supports the teaching and learning of National Curriculum Standards, Career Clusters knowledge and skill statements, 21st Century Skills and project management.

2022: School-Based Enterprise Competition

School-based Enterprises reinforce classroom instruction with realistic and practical learning experiences. Discover smart techniques to effectively implement a school store operation and opportunities for School-based Enterprise Program recognition.