MBA Research
Not-for-profit, research-based support for all Business Administration educators: entrepreneurship, finance, hospitality, management/administration, and marketing.

Structure and Fees

Membership Eligibility

Membership is open to any agency or organization that regularly administers or provides active and substantive support to programs addressing instruction in economics, entrepreneurship, business management, and marketing (e.g., school system, college, professional association or state education department).

Requirements of Membership

  • Majority of constituency are actively involved with education for and about economics, marketing, management, or entrepreneurship at pre-baccalaureate level
  • Identification of an official representative to the Consortium
  • Active participation in the annual meeting and governance process
  • Development of an annual plan for active support of Consortium program of work
  • Payment of membership dues established by the Board of Directors

Membership Fees

Membership in the MBA Research Consortium is based on population of the state, per formula.  Examples of the “Basic” membership fee:

AK  (pop: 731,449) $2,200
ID  (pop: 1,595,728) $2,806
IA  (pop: 3,074,186) $4,223
VA  (pop: 8,185,867) $8,895
GA  (pop: 9,919,945) $7,314
CA  (pop: 38,802,500) $10,500

"Standard", “Full”, and “Enhanced” state memberships offer additional benefits.  For more information on membership fees, expectations, and benefits, please contact Jim Gleason, CEO: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

“Iowa has been a member of MBA Research Consortium since its inception in 1971. We value the resources for our Business and Marketing teachers as we work in an educational environment with local control. Thank you MBA Research for making available research-based curriculum to our 320+ school districts in Iowa.”--Kelli Diemer, Iowa state program leader and MBA Research Board member
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