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MBA Learning Center

  • The following states have upgraded membership levels and get free instructor access to the Learning Center: AL, CT, ID, KY, MS, NC, NE, WI, and WV. Educators in those states can request an account by emailing This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Be sure to include your name, school, and state.

Ready-to-Use interactive instructional modules accessible to you and your students—anytime, anywhere

An educator's job doesn't end when the final bell rings. You're constantly striving to challenge and engage your students in new and innovative ways - and we are here to help you on that mission. The MBA Learning Center is a suite of curriculum building tools designed to improve in-classroom learning, help you to adapt to virtual learning and simply make your life easier. We bring the content, tools and plans together.

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An interactive, digital learning management system for teaching business administration.

Built on a Canvas platform, the MBA Learning Center is the one-stop learning management system for all your curriculum and instructional needs! Deliver content, manage instruction, and give assessments, all in one place. Use our standards-based, outcome-driven content and modules, or easily upload and customize your own content to suit your classroom needs!

Try it and you'll agree: The MBA Learning Center is the best tool to prepare your students for success - in school (or remotely), in competitions, in their careers, and beyond. 

The Ideal Curriculum Design & Development Solution For:

  • Marketing
  • Finance
  • Business Administration
  • Accounting
  • Entrepreneurship

A Digital Based Tool to Help You Quickly Adapt to Virtual Learning

Now, more than ever, educators and students need virtual solutions to help adapt to a more online-based learning environment. Loaded with 300+ interactive instructional modules, it’s accessible to you and your students - anytime, anywhere, across a number of digital platforms. Take a peek inside the MBA Learning Center, the learning management system created just for business administration educators.

Key Features:

  • 300+ comprehensive, research-based lessons
  • Engaging activities, projects, videos, and articles
  • Assessments – use built-in exams or create your own!
  • Customizable presentations, discussion guides, and more!
  • Simple online gradebook, calendar, and other organizational tools
  • 100% standards-aligned content
  • Interactive tools for students to engage in learning

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Content and Courses You Can Trust

Our standards-based content, activities, and assessments are developed based on extensive, real-world industry research. To learn about our learning modules, click here. To see a full list of modules currently available on the Learning Center and request a free one, click here

You’ll find new or fully revised learning modules on the Learning Center every week. Your research partners at MBA Research are on a mission:  Keep the Learning Center up to date and build a module for every key performance indicator needed to deliver on the national standards. You can rest assured that the content is up-to-date, relevant, and covers the latest trends in business. 

The MBA Learning Center lets you organize content into courses any way you want. It supports 100% online learning so you can forget handwritten student papers, tests, and assignments. Our online how-to instructions get you up and running quickly, but that’s only the beginning. Webinars, how-to videos, and your own day-to-day experiences will help you explore and find new ways to make your classroom one of the best in the building. (Our up-to-date, real-world content doesn’t hurt either!)

Not sure how to get started with the learning modules? Consider starting with our preloaded, ready-to-use courses that coincide with our course guides. Click here to learn how to import these courses into your classes.

Instructional Tools to Simplify Your Life

The Learning Center is full of classroom management tools that save you time and enrich your students’ learning experiences.

Tools for Teachers

  • Exams administered directly in the system
  • Canvas Speedgrader tool for rapid grading
  • Customizable, interactive rubrics to conduct performance-based assessment
  • Question banks with thousands of multiple-choices test items
  • Pre-loaded, ready-to-use courses
  • Customizable competitive event preparation tools
  • A simple online gradebook and comprehensive analytics
  • Calendar, attendance, and other organizational tools
  • Discussions and Chat features to communicate with students

Tools for Students

  • Online collaboration and communication
  • Multimedia capabilities to best suit individual learning styles
  • Learning Mastery for students to track their own progress
  • Customizable competitive event preparation tools
  • Badges and ePortfolios to showcase achievement

Simple, User-Friendly System

  • Easy integration with Google Classroom, Moodle, and other systems and apps
  • One login to access everything
  • Cloud-based system
  • Mobile device enabled
  • Streamlined user interface – master it within minutes!

Comprehensive Assessment Tools

Lesson Module Post-tests. Each instructional module contains a post-test and a descriptive key.

  • Administer exams for each module with the click of a button.
  • Save time using auto-grading features. 
  • Assess students’ achievement of learning objectives. 

Question banks: Building your own exams in the Learning Center just got a lot easier! Thousands of multiple-choice test items are available, so you can:

  • Build new tests from scratch
  • Make multiple versions of tests
  • Use the bank to add additional questions to an existing assessment

The Question Bank saves time and effort and is perfect for building pretests, end-of-course or end-of-unit exams, and more! Learn how to build an exam using question banks.

Instructional Area Exams: These ready-to-use exams cover a wide variety of instructional areas. Learn how to use these instructional area exam.

  • Topics include marketing, economics, project management, and many more!
  • Students who perform well on these exams prove they have mastered the basics of an entire content area.


A single annual subscription to the MBA Learning Center may be shared (with separate logins) by up to five different teachers within the same school. Full 12-month subscription for 5 teachers: $695 (Member states) or $995 (Non-member). 5-year pricing available. Priced lower than a textbook and no dusty books to deal with!

Add to your teacher subscription: Give your individual students online access for the entire year.

Member Non-Member
$6.25 per student $9.00 per student

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Endorsements & Reviews: See What Educators Are Saying About the MBA Learning Center


“I LOVE the materials you are providing for our business/marketing students. They are so current and applicable to today's real business world and the students enjoy the curriculum very much.” - Cindy Carter, Princeton Sr. High School, Princeton, WV

“Our business students are better prepared than ever to pursue business as a major or enter into the working world.”  -Mark Sibley, Monarch High School, CO

"When I have students complete assessments in Canvas, I love the fact that it automatically grades, and short-answer questions can be easily graded in Speedgrader." -Kim Guest, Kearsley High School, MI
"I use the MBA Learning Center in all aspects of my teaching. I use it to introduce the material to the students, I use it to assess the students, I use it to give the students a little bit of variety, and I use it to differentiate the different levels of my classroom." -Alicia Weeks, Wake County Public Schools, NC
"I love to use MBA Research materials in my classroom because when I do, I know the students are getting relevant and current information that has been verified by industry professionals. They make it easy for me to pick and choose content that either accentuates what I am already doing or can be a whole unit or course. The choice is up to me." -Phil Huff, Badger High School, WI
"The activities are engaging for students and give a great variety for teachers to use depending on how in-depth you want to go into the subject and how you need to differentiate." -Teresa Brooks, Southington High School, CT
"I appreciate the website links for examples and videos." -Deanna Peck, Butler High School, NC


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