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Business Administration Standards

Focus on what matters

What? Standards and research-based performance indicators to support most business careers, derived solely from the business community, become the basis for curriculum design.

Why? We have very limited time with our students in which to help them get started on their road to a career. These business-validated standards help ensure that our teaching time is focused on what matters most. They help us overcome the temptation to focus on what’s fun or what happens to be in any given book.

Free Access? The national Business Administration standards are available free to everyone:


Special Access? In addition to the master documents above, an interactive, online database is available to help you use the standards to design courses and programs of study to best meet your local needs. The Curriculum Builder software is available free in member states and for a nominal fee elsewhere.

Your Business Community! Feel like you need to get better connected with your own business community? Want your community’s business leaders involved in the research process? Wish your business leaders would advocate for your program? Learn more about how we can support your efforts locally. Visit the Business Community section of our website.

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