ExecNet Survey Feedback: July 2022

BA Core: Human Resources Management

Last month, ExecNet validated skills related to human resources within the BA Core. The skills that were ranked high in terms of criticality dealt primarily with the hiring process. The low-ranked skills could be described as more specialized in nature and may be better placed in an HR pathway in the national standards structure. Your feedback and validation inform our process and keep our standards current.

Top-ranked “critical” skills include: 

  • Determine hiring needs (HR:353)
  • Assess employee performance (HR:368)
  • Orient new employees (HR:360)
  • Ensure equitable opportunities for employees (HR:367)

Low-ranked skills include:

  • Explain issues associated with the payroll process (HR:394)
  • Maintain ongoing discussion of issues related to compensation (HR:391)
  • Conduct exit interviews (HR:357)
  • Describe the use of technology in HR management (HR:412)

Again, this month, we selected one lucky person who participated in last month’s survey to receive a $50 gift card. We picked #16, Sarah Smith, from the golden wheel. Congratulations, Sarah! You’ll be receiving a $50 gift card to a fun local restaurant. 

Last month’s participation: Below is the full list of last month’s participants, and we thank all of you for your support.

Snapshot of survey participants: 

  • Participation from 10 states (AL, IA, ID, KY, MI, NE, NV, OH, WA, WI)
  • 33% are business owners

All four business clusters are represented—with the largest percentage from business management:

  • Business Management: 48% (General Mgt, HR, Ops)
  • Finance: 26% (Acct, Banking Svcs, Insurance, Securities/Investments)
  • Marketing: 21% (Mkt Comms, Mkt Mgt)
  • Hospitality/Tourism: 5% (Events Mgt)