ExecNet Survey Feedback: February 2022

BA Core: Emotional Intelligence 

In February, ExecNet members reviewed skills related to emotional intelligence within the Business Administration (BA) Core standards. We share some highlights below. The complete feedback is split between two charts. 

High-ranked, “critical” skill statements include: 

  • Collaborate with others. (EI:130) 
  • Foster open, honest communication. (EI:129)
  • Demonstrate ethical work habits. (EI:004)
  • Demonstrate initiative. (EI:024) 

Low-ranked, “not needed” skill statements include: 

  • Use social media to solicit new ideas and solutions. (EI:107) 
  • Explain the nature of office politics. (EI:109) 
  • Explain the nature of stress management. (EI:028)