Digital Marketing Futuring Panels Recap

Last month we hosted two futuring panels on digital marketing (one virtual, one in person) to kick off the development of a nine-week digital marketing course to be launched in Summer 2022. In addition to discussing major trends and ethical dilemmas, the digital marketing professionals weighed in on credentials of value.

Thank you: Bill Balderaz, Jeremy King , Carson Reider, Tas Bober, Ashley Walton, Jennifer George, Paige Coulier, Sarah Trakszelis Smith, and Heather Schreiber for your time and commitment to business education.

Key takeaways from the panels:

  • Overall marketing efforts are now 80% digital and 20% traditional.
  • Balancing the increasing regulations around data privacy with customer demand for more convenience is challenging.
  • Customers have low tolerance for “being sold to.” The focus now is on storytelling connected to consumer values, like sustainability and protecting the environment.
  • One participant noted, “Today’s employees are coming in with good mindsets but fewer hard skills. They need those hard skills, too.” Consider an overall certification such as the American Marketing Association’s Digital Marketing Certificate and various tool certifications (Google Analytics, SEO, etc.).

Finally, we wondered aloud if one day we’d no longer be calling it “digital marketing”, and just refer to all of the digital methods as “marketing”.