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  • Projects for Finance, Management, Marketing +

    Looking for some great in-depth project designs for your finance, management, or marketing program?  Free?  With training, stipend, and support for resources?  Keep Read More
  • New to State's Connection +

    New additions to State's Connection: Action Brief: Information use, protection, and retention. (Action Briefs are one or two-page summaries of trends and issues Read More
  • Teacher-Leader Forum at Conclave +

    NEW this year. Along with senior executives from the business community, and a ton of “best-practice” teaching ideas, the MBA Conclave 2015 will Read More
  • KC and St. Louis workshops are sold out +

    Thank you! Additional opportunities are on our workshops page. Read More
  • NEW City, New Adventures +

    The 2015 MBA Conclave will for the first time ever visit the land of Sooners and Cowboys.  Like Milwaukee, Portland, and other “surprise” Read More
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Carol Von Tersch, Southeast Polk High School (IA)

Carol has been a teacher in Iowa for over 25 years. In that time, she’s been teaching business education while also coaching and mentoring other teachers and facilitating CTE instruction throughout her department. We are happy to welcome her to MBA Research’s Advisory Network team!  Read more.

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Save time and effort with the MBA Learning Center (LC), an online library of 225+ instructional modules available to you and your students—anytime, anywhere!

Need help deciding which modules to use with your students? Check out our list of Learning Center Modules by Course. In it, you’ll see which LC modules line up with each of MBA Research’s model courses for entrepreneurship, finance, management and administration, and marketing.

Recently added to the MBA Learning Center:

  • LAP-CR-010, Righting Wrongs (Handling Customer Complaints)
  • Just for You! NF:038, Demonstrate basic desktop publishing functions to prepare promotional materials
  • Just for You! NF:168, Make meeting arrangements
  • LAP-CR-009, Making Mad Glad (Handling Difficult Customers), revised
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Issues & Ideas Discussion

Standards: There’s More to the Story
(Jim Gleason comments)

By now, we’re used to building courses based on standards. Most of us would agree that the standards movement has been a positive influence, causing all of us to think more closely about what we’re trying to accomplish with a given lesson.

However, building curriculum based on standards is only the first chapter of a long story: How do we decide which standards? How do we evaluate what’s out there? How do we prioritize? How do we actually implement? 

For example, if we simply cherry-pick the standards we like, then we’re back to where we started – teaching the stuff that’s fun, easy, or aligned with some competitive event. Given the many, many standards that have been published by states and organizations, we can...  Read more