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  • New course option! +

    Sponsored by the Daniels Fund, we are excited to announce a small pilot initiative to introduce a new ethical leadership course targeted at 9th grade. It’s intended to Read More
  • Social Media in the Classroom (NEW Conclave session) +

    Social media should serve as a way to keep in touch, to share ideas, and to help make information more accessible to students and educators. Learn why Read More
  • Pre-tests Now Available +

    Pre-tests are now available for both program-of-study (end-of-program) exams and A*S*K certification exams.  All are offered online at greatly reduced prices.  Details. Read More
  • MBA Leadership Forum +

    States are encouraged to engage their leadership teams in this forward-looking discussion focused on positioning secondary business administration programs for growth.  The new Forum is a remake Read More
  • New to State's Connection +

    Newest additions to State's Connection: Action Brief: Shifting Factors in Energy. (Action Briefs are summaries of trends and issues shared by senior executives during our business Futuring panels). MBA Read More
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Tammy Cyrus inducted

Tammy Cyrus, business and marketing teacher at South Central H.S. and PD Counselor at MBA Research, was inducted into the NC Business, Finance, and Information Technology Hall of Fame in July. The award is given for individual achievement and contributions to the business, finance, and information technology programs. Read more.

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MBA Learning Center

Save time and effort with the MBA Learning Center, an online library of 250+ instructional modules available to you and your students—anytime, anywhere!

Need help deciding which modules to use with your students? Check out our list of Learning Center Modules by Course. In it, you’ll see which modules line up with each of MBA Research’s model courses for entrepreneurship, finance, management and administration, and marketing.

Recently added to the MBA Learning Center:

  • LAP-EC-001, Measure Up? (Gross Domestic Product), revised
  • LAP-OP-190, Above Board (Ethics in Operations)
  • LAP-MP-002, Pick the Mix (Nature of Marketing Strategies), revised
  • LAP-PI-003, Make Cents (Factors Affecting Selling Price), revised
  • LAP-EI-125, Make the Right Choice (Recognizing and Responding to Ethical Dilemmas)
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