Thank You, Teachers! 15 Years of High School of Business™

While MBA Research provides the framework for the High School of Business (HSB) program, such as curriculum, assessments, and training; it’s the teachers who bring the program to life. There’s no doubt that we would not be here 15 years later without our teachers who go above and beyond every day! HSB teachers reach beyond the walls of their schools by working with business professionals to bring business into the classroom, partnering with local colleges to set up college credit opportunities for their students, and connecting students with their community through several projects. 

During the HSB Luncheon at MBA Conclave 2022 in Minneapolis, we gave special recognition to the following teachers who have been with the program for 5 to 15 years. We are so thankful to have them on this journey with us and to grow together!

5-Year HSB Teachers
(joined in 2017)

  • Catherine Blazer, MO​
  • Keith Clayton, CO​
  • Traci Davenport, CO​
  • Hope Johnson Gordon, OH​
  • Rebecca McCowan, OH​
  • Jennifer Schmitz, WI​
  • Alex Sommers, CO​
  • Jennifer Starke-White, WI​
  • Charity Strauch, MO​
  • Mary Weaver, WI​
  • Jackie Wentworth, CO​
  • Kory Zulauf, CO

5+ Year HSB Teachers
(joined in 2013-2016)

  • Tom Anders, ID​
  • JoLynn Baral, CO​
  • Jody Bennett, CO​
  • Janet Brophy, CO​
  • Ken Burrow, IA​
  • Anthony Capozziello, WI​
  • Noelle Castorena, NV​
  • Charles Cole, OH​
  • Richard Dufault, CO​
  • Kevin Todd Eastridge, KY​
  • Pat Hambright, NV​
  • Don Henning, MO​
  • Krista Heverly, OH​
  • Julie Hill, ID​
  • Kelly Holloway, MO
  • Allison Holtzer, WI​
  • Cheryl Jolly-Luster, MO​
  • Jessie Kern, CO​
  • Christine Kinnick, OH​
  • Rebecca Knowler, IA​
  • Rebecca Koblents, MO​
  • Chris LaBrie, WI​
  • Don Lakes, OH​
  • Jay Laue, MO​
  • JoEll Matthews, CO​
  • Kim McCoy, NV​
  • Joelle McIntosh, MO​
  • Lori Nelson, CO​
  • Thomas Norfolk, CO​
  • Carami Olsen, NV
  • Sarah Olson, MO​
  • Inyeai Ororukuma, OH​
  • Theresa Paolillo, MO​
  • Craig Parker, CO​
  • Christina Reisinger, OH​
  • Angela Rivers, OH​
  • Andy Schafer, OH​
  • Kristen Stuart, NV​
  • David Penwell, OH​
  • Sandra Wheeler, ID​
  • Jon Nettleton, ID​
  • Patti O’Maley, ID​
  • Hilary Salanky, MO​

10+ Year HSB Teachers
(joined in 2012 and earlier)

  • Bill Boehm, WI​
  • Jennifer Flummerfelt, CO​
  • Janna Robinett, CO​
  • Joey Hendrix, MO​
  • Robert Hutchison, WI​
  • Will Morgan, KY​
  • Trevor Ward, OH​
  • Yvette Schroeder, OH