Resources for Teaching Racial Equity

We all have a role to play in changing our world, and ours is educating future generations. Teachers, here are free resources you can use to start discussion and work toward an end to racial inequity and injustice.

Learning Activity Packages (LAPs)

The following LAP modules are available free in our Ethical Leadership Course Package. Access info here.

Interacting with Others

  • Demonstrating Active Listening Skills – Listen Up (LAP-CO-017)
  • Participating as a Team Member – Team Up (LAP-EI-045)
  • Enlisting Others in Vision – Vision Quest (LAP-EI-060)
  • Collaborating With Others – Genius Is a Team Sport (LAP-EI-130)
  • Inspiring Others – A Force for Good (LAP-EI-133)
  • Showing Empathy for Others – Have a Heart (LAP-EI-030)
  • Cultural Sensitivity – Getting to Know You (LAP-EI-033)
  • Treating Others With Dignity and Respect – Everyone’s Worthy (LAP-EI-036)
  • Building Trust in Relationships – Trust in Me (LAP-EI-128)
  • Fostering Open, Honest Communication – Can We Talk? (LAP-EI-129)
  • Assessing the Long-Term Value and Impact of Actions on Others – Choose for the Future (LAP-EI-137)

Personal Growth

  • Using Feedback for Personal Growth – Grin and Bear It (LAP-EI-015)
  • Leading Change – Start the Revolution (LAP-EI-022)
  • Determining Personal Vision – Picture This! (LAP-EI-063)
  • Taking Responsibility for Decisions and Actions – It’s Up to You (LAP-EI-075)
  • Assessing Your Personal Behavior and Values – Assess Yourself (LAP-EI-126)
  • Using Power Appropriately – Power Play (LAP-EI-135)
  • Considering Conflicting Viewpoints – Pick a Side (LAP-EI-136)
  • Recognizing and Overcoming Personal Biases and Stereotypes – Don’t Jump to Conclusions! (LAP-EI-139)
  • Challenging the Status Quo – Unfollow the Crowd (LAP-EI-134)
  • Demonstrating Fairness – Fair or Foul? (LAP-EI-127)
  • Demonstrating Honesty and Integrity – Sincerely Yours (LAP-EI-138)
  • Demonstrating Problem-Solving Skills – No Problem (LAP-PD-077)
  • Innovation Skills – Ideas in Action (LAP-PD-126)
  • Goal Setting – Go for the Goal (LAP-PD-016)
  • Decision-Making – Weigh Your Options (LAP-PD-017)

Ethical Considerations

  • Nature of Ethics – Rules to Live By (LAP-EI-123)
  • Reasons for Ethical Dilemmas – What’s the Situation (LAP-EI-124)
  • Recognizing and Responding to Ethical Dilemmas – Make the Right Choice (LAP-EI-125)
  • Nature of Ethical Leadership – Be the Change (LAP-EI-131)
  • Modeling Ethical Behavior – Practice What You Preach (LAP-EI-132)
  • Ethics in Project Management – Projects With Principles (LAP-OP-675)

Resources for Learning About Racism

Talking With Students About Racism

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