New Action Briefs: DEI Series

Translating business trends for the classroom: As we learn from the business community, we want to share that information with our own community of educators and business professionals. One trend repeatedly highlighted in our business focus panels is the increased focus on diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) across all career areas. We’ve dedicated a three-part series to the topic:

Part One, Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in the Workplace, is available. We recommend pairing this Action Brief with the following performance indicators (PIs) and lesson modules (LAPs):

  • EI:140 Explain the nature of effective communications (PQ) | LAP-EI-140
  • EI:009 Explain the concept of leadership (CS) | LAP-EI-909
  • EI:064 Explain the nature of organizational culture (SP) | LAP-EI-064
  • HR:493 Explain the nature of leadership in organizations (SU) | LAP-HR-493

Part Two, Inclusive Workplace Policies, is now available. Consider pairing with the following PIs and LAPs:

  • HR:410 Describe the nature of human resources management (CS) | LAP-HR-410
  • HR:411 Explain the role of ethics in human resources management (SP) | LAP-HR-411
  • HR:415 Discuss factors that impact human resources management (e.g., availability of qualified employees, alternative staffing methods, employment laws/regulations, company policies/procedures, compensation and benefit programs, staff diversity, etc.) (SP)
  • HR:493 Explain the nature of leadership in organizations (SU) | LAP-HR-493

Part Three is coming soon—stay tuned!

How to access: We post our newest Action Briefs on our website, while the full archive is available on State’s Connection, organized by trend category.