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Bringing Project Management Into the Classroom Featured

Are you trying to bring projects into the classroom but struggle with a consistent structure to use while managing those projects? Project Management tools, techniques and templates can help bring structure to constructive chaos.

MBA Research has partnered with the Project Management Institute Educational Foundation (PMIEF) to develop educational resources to help teachers bring project management into the classroom. Six lead trainers were identified and fifty teachers selected to become project management trainers.

Project Management Trainers

You can access project management resources to take students to a higher level of learning for FREE!  

How to Access:

  1. Click “Project Management Resources” below.
  2. Complete the short survey to access the download link.
  3. The Download link is a zipped folder.
  4. Extract the zipped folder to access the files.

Project Management Resources

By completing the above steps, you gain access to:

Project Management Framework – Action Plan Template
Use the action plan template to help you plan a project. Identify the project and its purpose along with how the project fits into the curriculum. As lesson planning continues, you can determine which project management framework templates should be used for the project.

Project Management Framework Processes
The project management framework process breaks down the Project Management Processes with a simple overview of each process and identifies the framework templates and how they are used throughout a project.

Project Management Framework Templates
Access all available framework templates that are used when bringing project management into the classroom. You determine which framework templates are needed to successfully complete your classroom project.

Project Management Glossary of Terms
The Project Management Glossary of Terms provides you with a glossary of commonly used terms in project management along with additional online resources involving project management.

Project Management in the Classroom
This resource simplifies how to bring project management into the classroom by providing guidance to help teachers increase the level of success with the use of project management processes and tools.

What Project Management Looks Like in the Classroom
Still skeptical about the benefits of project management? This resource provides links to impact stories from teachers and students who have used project management processes and tools.

Learning Activity Packages (LAPs)
LAP-OP-001 - Chart Your Course (Developing a Project Plan)
LAP-OP-158 - Projected to Win (Nature of Project Management)
LAP-OP-519 - Plan on It! (Planning Projects)
LAP-OP-520 - Check Your (Project) Pulse (Monitoring Projects and Taking Corrective Actions)
LAP-OP-521 - Making the Grade (Evaluating Project Success)
LAP-OP-531 - Get What You Need (Identifying Project Resources)

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