ExecNet Survey Feedback: October 2022

BA Core: Operations, Part One

Remote work impacts feedback on core standards: Last month’s identified lower-ranked skills might be attributed to businesses moving away from maintaining and securing employees in physical (brick-and-mortar) workplaces, and an increase in remote and hybrid work. Accordingly, the skills ranked most critical relate to data analysis and data security.

Low-Ranked Skills Include*:

  • Establish policies and procedures to maintain physical security of the work environment (52%)
  • Explain procedures for handling accidents (58%)
  • Report noncompliance with business health-and-safety regulations (58%)
  • Describe health-and-safety regulations in business (63%)

(*Combined totals of “nice-to-know” and “not needed”)

Top-Ranked “Critical” Skills Include:

  • Evaluate project success (80% critical)
  • Maintain data security (84% critical)
  • Protect company information and intangibles (80% critical)