ExecNet Survey Feedback: May 2023

Business Trends

In May, you reviewed and validated a portion of the cluster core standards – a combined total of 161 performance indicators in different career areas. Highlights of the high- and low-ranked performance indicators are as follows. We use this feedback to maintain quality national standards.

High-ranked PIs

  • Comply with strategies for protecting business’ digital assets (e.g., website, social media, email, etc. (OP:473)
  • Use ethics in staff supervision (EI:078)
  • Describe types of financial statement analysis (e.g., ratio analysis, trend analysis, etc.) (FI:334)
  • Develop policies/procedures to comply with regulatory requirements and self-regulatory guidelines (BL:150)
  • Explain the nature of channels of distribution (CM:003)
  • Identify customer touch points (PM:277)
  • Explain the importance of meeting and exceeding customer/guest expectations (CR:067)
  • Describe customer-service challenges in the hospitality and tourism industry (CR:043)

Low-ranked PIs

  • Describe the litigation process (BL:160)
  • Discuss the arbitration/mediation process (BL:161)
  • Interpret securities table (FI:275)
  • Explain the nature and scope of financial globalization (FI:575)
  • Evaluate channel members (CM:011)
  • Explain the nature of channel-member relationships (CM:008)
  • Describe the impact of mobile technology on the hospitality and tourism industry (NF:313)
  • Discuss considerations in accepting credit-card payments (FI:789)