ExecNet Survey Feedback: May 2022

BA Core: Financial Analysis 

In May, ExecNet members reviewed skills related to financial analysis within the BA Core. The top three skill statements identified as critical are rather straightforward. Skills that were ranked lower might reflect what we’ve heard in recent trend discussions about the increase in outsourcing of certain job functions in finance, as well as a decline in cash-based transactions. 

Top-ranked skills include: 

  • Explain the role of finance in business (FI:354) 
  • Set financial goals (FI:065) 
  • Maintain financial records (FI:069) 

Lower-ranked skills include: 

  • Settle insurance losses (FI:083) 
  • File business tax returns (FI:652) 
  • Identify types of currency (paper money, coins, banknotes, government bonds, treasury notes, etc.) (FI:059)