ExecNet Survey Feedback: January 2024

Validation Highlights

In last month’s survey, you validated 19 newer performance indicators from the Business Administration Core. Below is a snapshot of the high- and low-ranked knowledge and skill statements along with a chart of the complete data.

Digital communications skills are key: The high-ranked knowledge and skill statements pertained specifically to social media, data visualization techniques, digital communications, and targeted audience messaging.

  • Adapt written correspondence to targeted audiences (CO:203)
  • Distinguish between using social media for business and personal purposes (CO:206)
  • Explain how digital communications (email, text messages, chats) exposes business to risk (CO:202)
  • Use data visualization techniques (e.g., infographics, heat-maps, dynamic model outputs) (CO:204)

Globalization skills deemphasized: The lower-ranked skill statements related to knowledge of global legal systems, foreign and international law, and world trade, perhaps reflecting the current attitudes and downsides of global trade.

  • Describe the impact of the political environment on world trade (EC:113)
  • Explain the impact of major trade alliances on business activities (EC:112)
  • Explain the impact of geography on world trade (EC:114)